Legislative elections: Could François Hollande keep his former president’s endowment if he is elected to the Assembly? : News

As a former President of the Republic, François Hollande receives a monthly allowance calculated on the salary of a State Councilor in ordinary service. If he were to return to the benches of the National Assembly, he would receive a deputy’s allowance. But are these two payments cumulative?

This is a situation that has not happened since Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. François Hollande, former President of the Republic, could return to the benches of the National Assembly after July 7. Indeed, he came out on top in the first round with 37.63% of the vote, ahead of Maïtey Pouget (RN, 30.89%) and Francis Dubois (LR, 28.64%).

Although the game is not over yet for François Hollande, it is likely that he will be elected in the 1st constituency of Corrèze. The former President of the Republic would once again become a member of parliament, which means that he would receive a gross monthly parliamentary allowance of 7,637.39 euros.

Already high income

However, François Hollande already receives money from his former functions. In 2023, he told Libération that he received a little over 15,600 euros net per month (at the end of 2022), or 5,553 euros as former President of the Republic, 6,223 euros as former MP, 3,591 euros as former magistrate at the Court of Auditors and around 240 euros for his former local mandates.

According to the former socialist MP René Dosière, a specialist in public finance management who spoke to our colleagues at BFMTV, the former president’s endowment is “can be combined with parliamentary activity”but François Hollande will no longer be able to receive his former MP’s allowance when he becomes an MP again.

published on July 2 at 9:43 p.m., Philippine Rouviere Flamand, 6Medias




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