Mayor Yves Juhel taken into custody

Mayor Yves Juhel taken into custody
Mayor Yves Juhel taken into custody

In the Menton ports affair, the town’s mayor was taken into custody this morning.

The mayor of Menton, Yves Juhel, was taken into custody on the morning of Tuesday, July 2, in connection with the Menton ports affair, BFM Nice Côte d’Azur learned from his lawyer, Maître Soussi, confirming information from Nice-Matin. The latter did not want to add “any comment” at this stage.

In this case, Mathieu Messina, former deputy for finance in Menton and former CEO of the Société publique locale (SPL) des ports de Menton has been accused for several months of having spent more than 500,000 euros in suspicious expenses while he was head of the SPL. In this case, the mayor had filed a complaint as well as the department. after a damning audit of his expense reports.

According to Nice-Matin, Mathieu Messina was also taken into custody, alongside other people such as Yves Juhel’s wife.

Yves Juhel accused by Mathieu Messina

In audio recordings of Mathieu Messina, dating from August 2023, and revealed last January by the media Blast, the latter directly attacked the city councilor Yves Juhel who had appointed him deputy and also placed him at the head of the ports of Menton.

“I did things for him, he burned me,” the former assistant said in the documents of the media blast, mentioning in particular an irregularity in the invoice revealed by the audit which was apparently done at the request of Yves Juhel.

The mayor of Menton then reacted, citing false information and accusations without any value.

The Nice public prosecutor’s office also told BFM Nice Côte d’Azur that the case had been transferred to the interregional jurisdiction specialising in the fight against crime and organised delinquency (Jirs) in Marseille.

Claudia Olivier, with Juliette Moreau Alvarez

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