Part of the Jardins du Vallon demolished for more expensive housing

Eric Bilodeau, owner of Bilodeau Immobilier and Jardins du Vallon, confirms exclusively to Sun the project which will be deployed in two phases, the first of which will take place this summer.

“We are only going to demolish two blocks this summer. The 32 tenants were notified this winter that they had all been relocated. […] We accommodated some by renting them an apartment elsewhere with a one-year lease at the same price as this year,” said Mr. Bilodeau in an interview.

The second phase will take place in the summer of 2025, when two additional buildings will be demolished in order to build new ones. The four buildings concerned are directly adjacent to Nérée-Tremblay Park.

Bilodeau Immobilier also owns 12 other identical buildings, located near Avenue Chapdelaine, for which “no renovation plan” is planned for the moment, assures Mr. Bilodeau.

The 12 other buildings, located near the Sainte-Foy pyramid, are not the subject of a demolition project, for the moment. (Archives The Sun)

“We will see, it will depend on the response of the first two phases of the project, on traffic. But for the moment we have nothing planned,” he adds.

The 64 apartment units that will disappear by 2025 will be replaced by at least 250 brand new units. The new six-story buildings will offer several sizes, ranging from studios to 5 1/2.

“Full of students”

Mr. Bilodeau admits without hesitation that these new housing units, which will be called Malmo Apartments, will be more expensive than those currently offered at Jardins du Vallon.

“It’s definitely going to be a little more expensive, it’s a period construction, in wood, which dates from the 70s and which requires renovations. We hear the neighbor upstairs walking,” says Mr. Bilodeau.

With its 250 new units, the Malmo Appartements project will change the landscape of Nérée-Tremblay Park. (Bilodeau Immobilier)

“The new units will be a concrete construction, with a gym, indoor parking. So he will have a little more luxury, but we remain at the bottom of the scale,” he promises. The project is valued at approximately $70 million.

Asked about accessibility for students in the area, Mr. Bilodeau assures that prices will be similar to AM/FM Apartments accommodation, located in their building at the corner of Chemin Sainte-Foy and Avenue Myrand.

According to him, this building, which is 800 meters from Cégep Garneau, is “full of students.”

On the Bilodeau Immobilier website, the 3 1/2 of the AM/FM project are available from $1,295 monthly, while certain 5 1/2 are listed at $1,725 ​​per month.

Three options

According to information from Suna 3 1/2 rents for around $850 per month at Jardins du Vallon, for the 2024-2025 lease. (Frédéric Matte/Le Soleil)

The owner of Bilodeau Immobilier maintains that the tenants of the two buildings which will very soon be destroyed were notified “last January” and that they were “all relocated” to other available units.

As for the occupants of the two other buildings which will be destroyed next summer, they were notified this Wednesday, while their lease will end in June 2025. As provided for by law, three months of rent are offered to them, as well as reimbursement of their moving costs if it is carried out “in the Quebec region”.

Two additional options are available to them if they choose to “remain in the same environment”: either “priority over rental” in the Jardins du Vallon on rue Chapdelaine, at “a similar price” to the price currently paid, or even have “priority over the rental” of a new unit in the Malmo Apartments project which will be built in the meantime, indicates the letter sent to tenants.

Compared to the dissatisfaction of certain evicted tenants, the owner of Bilodeau Immobilier judges that their reaction is “peculiar”.

“We did not send them the normal notice from the management which simply says get organized with three months of rent paid, we even help them to relocate.”

— Eric Bilodeau, owner of Bilodeau Immobilier

“Nothing guaranteed”

A tenant of the Jardins du Vallon units which will be demolished in the summer of 2025, however, does not have the same opinion. According to the resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, dozens of people will “find themselves on the street.”

“All the people who live in these accommodations are on fairly low incomes, such as students and foreign workers. They want to put us on the street to seek out customers who have the cash», Mentions the resident, who received his eviction letter on Wednesday.

“These are in the last affordable apartments in Sainte-Foy, and they are being taken away from us in the middle of the housing crisis.”

— A tenant of the Jardins du Vallon who wishes to remain anonymous

The tenant also deplores the lack of maintenance given to the building stock.

“Over the years I have had ants, silverfish and plumbing problems. What are they doing? The bare minimum: a few tricks here and there,” laments the resident.

“Reluctantly,” he put himself on the list to move into the remaining units at Jardins du Vallon, which will be rented to him at a price similar to what he currently pays.

“I haven’t found anything in the same area under $1,400 for a 3 1/2. I frequently see 2 1/2s in the $1,000 range, even though they have the size of a large wardrobe,” concludes the tenant. It is certain that he will have to move again in a few years, since “nothing guarantees” that the remaining buildings of the Jardins du Vallon will not be demolished, he worries.



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