towards a candidacy from Sophie Vaginay with the RN?

towards a candidacy from Sophie Vaginay with the RN?
towards a candidacy from Sophie Vaginay with the RN?

Sophie Vaginay is asked to enter the legislative battle by the RN. Uncertainty remains regarding the ambitions of the mayor of Barcelonnette, at odds with her former political family.

Since Sunday and the surprise announcement of the holding of new legislative elections, it is the rumor that has agitated the political world of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence: Sophie Vaginay could make her return to the forefront.

Isolated since her noisy and difficult divorce from Renaud Muselier and Éliane Barreille against a backdrop of insoluble disagreement in the implementation of the Espace Lumière project between Pra Loup and Val d’Allos, the mayor of Barcelonnette has been contacted for several weeks by the National Rally.

“Christian Girard has made it his priority. He walks a lot and all the time. But others in the party, higher up than him, too,” whispers a fine connoisseur of local political life at BFM DICI.

Identified and established in Ubaye, Sophie Vaginay serves as the perfect candidate for the RN. She could be able to achieve a big score in the first round, on Sunday June 30, in the second constituency.

“If Sophie goes, she wins”

“In 2022, Aurélie Abeille had made 23% without being known, just with the label. There, the wave is even stronger. If Sophie goes under the RN banner, she wins, it’s obvious” analyzes an elected official leading local.

In addition to a result which could be promising, the RN also sees in the person of Sophie Vaginay a useful disruptive element in the “Muselier galaxy”. “The way in which she was treated by Renaud, who abandoned her, left its mark” recognizes a Right-wing executive in the department.

Pushed to resign from the presidency of the Community of Communes, the mayor of Barcelonnette never accepted the fate reserved for her by her political family. “And sometimes, revenge can be tenacious…” breathes a departmental political Source.

The National Rally has understood this well and knows that this argument resonates in the mind of the Ubayenne. Especially since she knows that the local right is banking on a candidacy from her eternal rival, Élisabeth Jacques, in tandem with Jean-Claude Castel, to carry the expanded republican colors from Manosque to Barcelonnette.

Sophie Vaginay left LR at the end of 2022

“The RN offers Sophie Vaginay the opportunity to replay the match in Ubaye and take revenge on those who turn their backs on her. Even if she would take a big risk for her future at Barcelonnette by going hara-kiri, Sophie could end up in style as a deputy for three years” explains an influential mayor who follows these negotiations closely.

But a major problem faces Sophie Vaginay: contradiction. In December 2022, she slammed the door of the Republicans following the victory of Éric Ciotti at the head of the party.

“If the choice of members is sovereign, it unfortunately does not correspond to the expectations of the French right-wing who for almost 10 years have despaired of the return of a political force which is neither stifled by Macronist ideology nor supplementary to extreme theses of the National Rally” wrote the mayor of Barcelonnette at the time, in a letter co-signed with David Gehant, Camille Galtier and Daniel Spagnou.

“And two years later, she would go to the RN? She doesn’t have those convictions at all. I don’t believe in it at all,” says someone close to the mayor of Barcelonnette. “I don’t believe it, it’s not his DNA” says another.

On the RN side, nothing filters. Aurélie Abeille sent her application to the party headquarters. But she seems very alone. “I’m waiting for a return. With the score I made last time, I think I’m legitimate,” she tells BFM DICI.

The left in ambush

Just like Stéphane Durbec, the municipal councilor of Céreste-en-Luberon and former close friend of the Le Pen clan. “After 37 years of political struggle on the Right, I have the deep conviction that I can really meet the expectations of residents who clearly showed their feelings on Sunday for the European elections” declares Stéphane Durbec.

At the departmental office, it’s yet another story. “I proposed the name of Laurine Miffred to the party authorities for this constituency. Paris will then decide. I do not know what Christian Girard’s position is” indicated this Tuesday morning Vincent Conio, the party’s departmental delegate in the Alps -de-Haute-Provence, without news from his deputy since the day before.

“I am no longer the departmental delegate and I don’t know what’s going on…” quips MP Girard, almost amused at covering his tracks by telephone. “But it’s true that I get along well with Sophie and that she has a lot of qualities” concedes the parliamentarian.

Sophie Vaginay has not responded to our requests since Monday. But she confided to several people that she was not denying herself anything. As if to occupy media and political space without saying anything? His former right-wing “family” is in any case impatiently awaiting his decision. If only to know if the fratricidal war in Ubaye will still take place before everyone’s eyes. And in particular those of the Insoumis Léo Walter, certain to represent a united left to try to keep his position as deputy.

Valentin Doyen with Mathias Fleury

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