This biochemist explains why eating too much sugar causes wrinkles

This biochemist explains why eating too much sugar causes wrinkles
This biochemist explains why eating too much sugar causes wrinkles

Author of the Glucose Godess method, Jessie Inchauspé identifies the impact of glucose peaks, and therefore diet, on our body. Among them, the acceleration of skin aging and therefore the appearance of wrinkles.

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Although we no longer present the benefits of sunscreen to protect the skin from skin aging, exposure to the sun is not the only factor responsible for wrinkles. Diet also plays a determining role in the health of our skin.

Why do glucose spikes increase skin aging?

On the air of a French radio station (RTL), Jessie Inchauspé explains that during an episode of glucose peak, the mitochondria (which produce the energy of our cells) become stressed and produce less energy. In response to this abnormality in their usual functioning, they create inflammation in the body. This chronic inflammation accelerates glycation, a natural aging process in the body, including the skin. The collagen naturally present in our epidermis is also sensitive to glycation, this molecule essential to the health of our skin deteriorates as glucose peaks, creating more wrinkles than glycation would do without inflammation.

How to reduce the impact of sugar on the health of your skin?

Fortunately, we have the power to reverse the process by adapting our diet and following a low glycemic index diet. Here are Jessie Inchauspé’s tips for stabilize your blood sugar:

  • Dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water before a meal or snack. The acidity of vinegar greatly helps smooth out the blood sugar levels of a meal. If the glass of water with vinegar puts you off, you can also include a vinaigrette in your starters on a more regular basis, or even daily.
  • Always start your meal with a vegetable-based starter. The fibers they contain will line the stomach and slow down the absorption of glucose throughout the meal, including dessert.
  • Speaking of dessert, the latter is preferable to a snack or snack since eating something sweet on an empty stomach will definitely cause a glucose spike.
  • After eating something sweet, go for a 10-minute walk, working as your muscles absorb some of the excess glucose from a heavy meal.

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