“I love my territory and the culture of the South-West”: who are these influencers who highlight the Gers on social networks?

“I love my territory and the culture of the South-West”: who are these influencers who highlight the Gers on social networks?
“I love my territory and the culture of the South-West”: who are these influencers who highlight the Gers on social networks?

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Content creators and influencers with very varied profiles have in common the fact of sharing their love for the Gers on their social networks. Who are they and what do they do to introduce the department and make it shine? Response elements.

The Gers has the most successful Instagram account of the departments of France, YannToutCourt shares his love of history but also of the Gers, Popo. mood creates videos showing Gers heritage from all its angles and Yandal Touala never fails to share his daily life as a Gers resident between two trips to the other side of the world.

The most active department…

With 26,900 followers on Instagram and 40,000 on Facebook, the Gers department is very active on social networks. Everything is good to bring back Internet users.

Very responsive through likes and comments, community participation increases during competitions, organized in partnership with local producers: foie gras, wine or even marinières are up for grabs. “We want to promote the local terroir visually,” explains Léo Puyau, in charge of communications at the Departmental Council.

Share the Gers throughout France

Specializing in content on History, Yann Bouvier – alias Yanntoutcourt on social networks – has more than 150,000 subscribers on his Instagram page and 777,600 followers on his TikTok. He lives in the east of Gers with his partner and is very attached to the department. “I talk a lot about the Gers on my social networks, particularly through photographs,” explains Yann Bouvier.

“But my goal is not to promote it because what makes it so charming is also the low population rate,” he admits. “In any case, I don’t think my photographs have an impact about people’s choices.”

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PORTRAIT. Yann Bouvier, aka Yanntoutcourt, history teacher and amazing TikToker

The content creator, however, remains open to proposals: “If the Department wants to contact me to work on a project with them, I am available.” For the history teacher in a Toulouse high school, despite its rurality, the Gers is “not so little known, everyone manages to locate it on the map”.

For Yandal Touala, extreme photographer and videographer, with 14,400 subscribers on his Instagram page, it’s a different story. He goes on trips very often, the Gers for him is more of a “drop-off point”. This content creator says: “I tend to show more on the networks the countries in which I travel than the Gers. On the other hand, as I have to return there regularly, I sometimes create content to show the ‘behind the scenes.’ He continues, “I also show the times when I am with my family, or the times when I earn money to finance the trips.”

“Spotlighting small businesses and their daily lives”

Pauline Vivès, alias Popo. mood on Instagram is very different from other influencers. Living in the Gers since her birth, she describes her passion for the department: “I love my territory and the culture of the South-West. I can’t see myself living anywhere else. I have my family, my friends and my hobbies there. .” She has lived there for “35 years and my family has been Gascon since 1700,” says Pauline. “For the record, my uncle has d’Artagnan tattooed on his chest, on the heart side!”

Its goal through social networks is simple, to communicate with “local actors”. Through her job as a “community manager”, Pauline Vivès shares her desire to “highlight small businesses and their daily lives.” She produces, among others, videos for the Rugby Club Auch, for bakeries and festivals.

The Gers is at heart… like uncle!



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