The 7 waterfalls to discover during a hike in Corsica

Want to know where to swim on the island of beauty? From the north to the south of Corsica, discover the 7 most beautiful natural waterfalls to see!

Corsica, land of contrasts, is a destination of choice for hikers looking for escape and exceptional panoramas. The island’s trails wind through fragrant scrub, dense forests and towering mountains. They lead to natural sites of rare beauty. Among these treasures, the waterfalls constitute refreshing and photogenic stops which are worth the detour.

This article invites you to discover the 7 most spectacular waterfalls in Corsica. Each with its own character and unique atmosphere, they are gems to integrate into your hiking itinerary. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a nature lover looking for accessible walks, follow the guide for an aquatic immersion in the heart of the island of beauty!

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The Purcaraccia waterfalls

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Why we selected it: The Purcaraccia waterfalls are distinguished by their emerald-hued pools, which invite you to swim in the middle of unspoiled nature. Its natural charm is highlighted by smooth rock slidesoffering a unique sliding experience for canyoning enthusiasts.

To know more : The Purcaraccia waterfalls, in Corsica, are wonderfully discovered during hikes. They are located on the border between Upper Corsica and Southern Corsica, 25 minutes from Solenzara, taken between the Larone pass and the Bavella massif. Remember to bring your swimsuit to enjoy natural swimming pools with clear water and emerald green basins.

The decor is completed by the Aiguilles de Bavella, impressive granite towers. Bring good shoes because the hike is difficult with 190 m to climb, and steep and slippery paths from the start. But the journey is worth it. And it is also a famous place for canyoning, particularly in the Purcaraccia canyon, very popular with adventurers.

The Piscia di Gallo waterfall

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Why we selected it: The Piscia di Gallo waterfall stands out for its impressive height, plunging from 60 m. It is the jewel of Southern Corsica with its air of a little corner of paradise. This natural wonder offers a stunning spectacle, affirming its status as the largest waterfall in the region.

To know more : Your walk in Corsica begins with an obligatory stop near the village of Ospédale, the ideal starting point to see the famous Piscia di Gallo waterfall. Just 15 minutes from the village, you will be amazed by the magnificent views of the forests. The walk begins on the Ospédale plateau on an easy path, perfect for family hikes.

The start of this superb hike is easy to find, 3 km after the Ospédale dam, in the San-Gavino-di-Garbini region. You will love the path lined with beautiful fountains and large laricio pines, with the relaxing sound of flowing water. Plan at least half a day if you leave Porto-Vecchio or the surrounding area to really appreciate the Ospédale massif and its wonders.

The Bridal Veil Waterfall

Bridal veil waterfall

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Why we selected it: The Bridal Veil waterfall soars majestically, several meters high, from the Corsican peaks. It is moreover the highest waterfall on the island. Its graceful flow, like a wedding veil, captivates and amazes, embodying the splendor of the wild sites of Corsica.

To know more : This waterfall, located in Bocognano near Ajaccio, is dazzling in spring, the best time to hike there. Melting snow feeds these grandiose waterfalls. To get there, a 30-minute walk from the D27 road car park is enough. The path passes through a chestnut forest between the Oro and Renoso mountains, highlighting the natural diversity of Corsica.

On the waterfall route, it is common to see wild pigs. Also discover local stories, such as that of an ancient lake whose water is said to relieve joint pain. The waterfalls change with the seasons, with a powerful flow in winter and resplendent nature in spring.

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The English waterfall

waterfall of the English

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Why we selected it: The Cascade des Anglais is distinguished by its picturesque set of waterfalls flowing into the Agnone Valley. It is a captivating natural spectacle to be found in the heart of Haute-Corse. This exceptional site invites you to discovera succession of crystalline basinsoffering a unique and refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To know more : In the Vizzavona forest in Corsica, follow a 3 km hiking path which starts in Vivario and will take you to the Cascade des Anglais. It owes its name to the attendance of the first British holidaymakers at the beginnings of tourism more than a century ago. We also advise you to wear good walking sneakers and use poles to avoid slipping on rocky paths.

Further, near the border with Southern Corsica, you will see more than twenty waterfalls with natural pools and rocks formed by the water. You will also have a magnificent view of Monte d’Oro, which culminates at 2,390 m above sea level. The trail joins the famous GR® 20, connecting your walk to the island’s key sites.

The Ucelluline waterfall

Ucelluline waterfall

Photo credit: Alltrails

Why we selected it: Located in the sublime corner of the Costa Verde, the Ucelluline waterfall is a paradise for lovers of climbing and canyoning. It offers demanding rock walls and white water to conquer. Its spectacular natural setting and varied routes promise a thrilling and memorable experience for adventure enthusiasts.

To know more : If you are in Corsica and want to see a waterfall, head to the Ucelluline waterfall, also called “Cascade de l’Oisillon”. It is located near Santa-Maria-Poggio, in the east of Castagniccia, the “land of chestnut trees”. The road to this waterfall, along the Tyrrhenian Sea, is superb and full of beautiful views.

The area is known for its forests and perfect for getting away from the tourist crowds. You can make hiking, canyoning, climbing or even just swimming. This magnificent waterfall will make your hike in Corsica unforgettable, that’s for sure!

The Carnevale waterfall

Why we selected it: The Carnevale waterfall, a natural treasure nestled a stone’s throw from Ajaccio, offers a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This setting of freshness, easily accessible, promises a refreshing and soothing experience at the gates of the Corsican capital.

To know more : The Carnevale waterfall, also called Sant’Albertu or Piscia di Carnavalli, is one of the best hikes to do in Corsica. This natural splendor is 9 km from the village of Cauro. It is 10 m high and is perfect for waterfall fans. To get there from Ajaccio, take the N196 road towards Sartène/Bonifacio, turn left on the D27 when you are near Cauro, and watch for the hiking sign after 8 km.

To reach the waterfall, a 10-minute walk is necessary. This actually an easy-to-access location for an unforgettable family adventure. Once you arrive, you will find a natural swimming pool with fresh water, ideal for cooling off. And there are also shaded areas to rest and picnic!

The Radule waterfall

Radule waterfall

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Why we selected it: The Radule waterfall, embedded in a pine forest, offers a real spectacle with its crystal clear waters. This green setting, where the murmur of the water combines with the tranquility of the woods, constitutes a haven of peace for anyone looking for a beautiful escape into the heart of Corsican nature.

To know more : If you are looking for the most beautiful waterfalls in Corsica during your hikes, don’t miss the Radule waterfall. It is located between Haute-Corse and Southern Corsica, at the foot of the highest peak in Corsica, Monte Cinto (2,706 m), not far from the Vergio pass. Allow around 2 hours of walking to reach it, taking the famous GR® 20. The path, stony in places, is still suitable for families with children.

Once there, take a dip in the white waters of the two large basins. But be careful, they are very cold! Children, and those who prefer calm waters, will find what they are looking for in the natural pool below. Also admire the high mountains around and the Golo, the longest river in Corsica. Finally, discover the nearby Bergeries de Radule, which give a unique character to the region.

You now have all the keys in hand to explore these 7 waterfalls during a hike in Corsica. Feel free to share your own suggestions for places to explore in the area in the comment box below. So, ready to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of Corsican nature?



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