Medef Côte-d’Or – Increase industrial productivity with the help of new generation ERP

Medef Côte-d’Or – Increase industrial productivity with the help of new generation ERP
Medef Côte-d’Or – Increase industrial productivity with the help of new generation ERP

This Thursday, in the premises of the CCI Côte-d’Or ⋅ Saône-et-Loire in Dijon, a conference took place on the theme of “Industry 4.0, productivity and collaborative transformation”.

This event, the first of its kind, was organized by MEDEF Côte-d’Or in collaboration with UIMM Côte-d’Or. Many members representing companies from the Côte d’Or took part in this meeting, welcomed by Audrey Kolb, general secretary of Medef Côte-d’Or.

A quest to improve productivity
Hosted by Jean-Claude Balès, co-founder of Brasserie de France based in Beaune and administrator of Medef Côte-d’Or, the conference aimed to present how an efficient ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can improve business productivity. industrial. Whether monitoring and maintaining industrial equipment, or implementing preventative maintenance processes, the goal is to remain competitive, even in an ever-changing business environment. And that’s where ERP comes in.

Experience testimony
Florent Striffling, director of La Gravure Industrielle Dijon, shared his experience on implementing an ERP system in his company. Since he took over the reins of this company specializing in signage and marking for industry in early 2023, he has undertaken a series of changes to modernize operations. This business management software developed by the French company 1Life Software – represented by Stéphane Boyadjian, sales director, and Benjamin Marion sales director Burgundy – Franche-Comté -, allowed it to ensure sales administration, offering a vision comprehensive overview of the company with numerous management indicators. For him, it is “a real time saver and a harmonization of the structure, offering an almost 360-degree vision once production is integrated”. The ERP manages the entire administration cycle, from sales management to payment, including cost calculation, order receipt, manufacturing, invoicing, and soon the management of raw materials and production schedules. In addition, the ERP performs in-depth analyses, including evaluating product profitability and sales margins. His testimony was valuable in understanding the challenges and successes of such a transformation.

The advantages of New Generation ERP
These ERPs offer complete integration of business processes, increased accessibility through user-friendly interfaces and the mobility offered by Internet connectivity, advanced data analysis, customization and scalability tailored to the specific needs of each business, improved operational efficiency through task automation, and reduced IT and administrative costs through systems consolidation and process streamlining.

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