European elections: Dominique Faure campaigning in Haute-Loire for the presidential majority

European elections: Dominique Faure campaigning in Haute-Loire for the presidential majority
European elections: Dominique Faure campaigning in Haute-Loire for the presidential majority

France bleu Saint-Étienne Loire: What do you plan to say to the residents, to the traders that you will meet in Haute-Loire, to convince them to go and vote?

Dominique Faure : My first objective is to show that Europe is already a reality in the territories. Different European funds finance programs and projects in our territories. And I will just take the example of the LEADER program: it is a program which supports both businesses and rural communities, for amounts ranging from €20 to €150,000. It can allow the rehabilitation of a multipurpose room, the arrival of a baker or the opening of a business in a village, a store selling local products… So we see that these funds are quite unknown because the amounts are involved in the renovation of buildings to install these businesses or to create living spaces at the municipal level. So it’s really this reality that I would like to demonstrate.


For someone who wants to launch a new business, is it actually the European Union that is behind it? Who can help us find a new vocation, a new profession, a new profession?

A new business in a rural village in France can benefit, each time and not exceptionally, from European funds which will probably supplement what the community will make available to the business. Co-financing between regions, departments, State and communities sometimes requires a supplement and it is Europe which provides it.

And this is in particular the reason why you are going to visit today the “Saveurs des fermes d’Yssi” store which has benefited from European funds. Is it the same for the Debard bakery or for the Jet Cut company in Yssingeaux, in which you are also announced today?

In the case of the Debard bakery as in the case of Saveurs des fermes d’Yssi, we are on renovation, on financing work to provide a place that meets attractive standards. As for Jet Cut, it is a water jet cutting company: they benefited from the European recovery plan which weighed 100 billion after the health crisis which became an economic crisis. There were 40 billion coming from European funds and Valérie Hayer was the one who convinced all the political groups in Europe to, for the first time in history, raise debt across Europe.

It is on this assessment that we must rely, Madam Minister, to support your presidential majority candidate, Valérie Hayer, 16% of voting intentions (Ipsos survey for Radio France) ? It is lagging far behind the National Rally of Jordan Bardella (31% of voting intentions). Does that worry you?

So I’m a former sportswoman and so that doesn’t worry me. This leads me to go out into the field to convince people. It should stimulate us. And we have a candidate who was exemplary. She was re-elected at the head of Renew, the third group in the European Parliament after Stéphane Séjourné became Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was not due. She was elected because she is someone who influences Europe. These are struggles for influence. And if we want France to be sovereign, within a sovereign Europe, we need a team behind it. So we have to go on the ground to talk about Valérie, the team and the program.

Same answer I imagine Dominique Faure regarding Raphaël Glucksmann, the socialist who comes in well behind 14.5% of voting intentions. Is there no disavowal for your government and for the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, through these latest polls three weeks before the European election?

The campaign has only just started. Polls do not reflect the perception we feel. I’m not talking about competitors. I have a very good candidate, once again, who has proven herself, who has a program. I think it was widely presented and I trust Valérie, the team and the French who will be interested in Europe. What did the other candidates do? Some were not present at all, others had absolutely no influence on the texts which were presented by competing candidates. There is only one list, it’s Valérie’s and I am deeply convinced of it.



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