In Oullins, Place Anatole France reveals its new face

Place Anatole France, green and pedestrianized. © Anaïs Mercey – Lyon Metropolis

Pedestrianized and vegetated, the central square of Oullins has been given a makeover as part of the extension work on metro line B.

After months of work to bring metro B to Saint-Genis-Laval, the colossal project recently ended. At the same time, the Lyon Metropolis has carried out several redevelopments of public spaces, particularly in the center of Oullins. In particular, Place Anatole France and its 8,000 square meters have been completely redone. The same goes for the adjacent streets of République, Voltaire and Martin and the church square. A project started in 2019 with a first phase of consultation, followed by a second in 2021.

Greening the place was a priority

Formerly used as a car park and market, the square is now a real pedestrian esplanade. 1,300 square meters of green spaces and 60 trees were planted in order to improve the living environment of residents. “Greening the place was a priority“, explains Béatrice Vessiller, vice-president of the Metropolis in charge of town planning. This makes it possible to adapt space to climate change by offering shaded areas to passers-by. One way to combat the phenomenon of heat islands .

Plan of the new Anatole France squarePlan of the new Anatole France square
Plan of the new Place Anatole France, seen from above. © Plan B

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But the vast redevelopment project responds to several other issues. It aims in particular to enhance the neighborhood’s heritage and its village spirit, while promoting the diversity of uses. These new spaces also contribute to the development of active modes linked to the new metro station. In addition, the new square makes it possible to reduce parking and leave room for pedestrians. “We have removed 86 parking spaces in agreement with the City and residents“, explains Bruno Bernard, president of the Métropole de Lyon. In return, rue de la République has a bicycle parking space with 60 spaces.

In addition, the place now has a rainwater recovery system for more virtuous management. This has valleys, trenches and a storage tank, as well as a new dewatered soil. A colossal project which will have cost a total of 3.3 million euros. A sum supported to the tune of 2.2 million by the Metropolis, 610,000 euros by Sytral and 477,000 by the municipality.

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