SENEGAL-ENVIRONNEMENT / Fatick: 230 women will benefit from a literacy program – Senegalese press agency

Toubacouta, May 15 (APS) – Some 230 women from areas covered by the Bamboung and Sokone Marine Protected Areas will benefit from a literacy program and access to financial literature to make the most of their income-generating activities.

Seven classrooms will be opened in these localities to train 230 women through the “Natur’Elles” project which aims to improve the protection of biodiversity and strengthen the resilience of communities vulnerable to climate change.

“We will teach women working in the processing of fish products to write and read and above all train them on financial literature so that they know how to manage their income and improve their working conditions,” explained Diaba Diop. , president of the network of women in the artisanal fishing sector of Senegal.

She spoke at the launching ceremony of functional literacy classes and financial literature for the benefit of women living in areas covered by the Bamboung and Sokone Marine Protected Areas.

According to Ms. Diop, these literacy sessions will contribute to the empowerment of women, because they will be trained in their sectors of activity.

An approach welcomed by the sub-prefect of Toubacouta, Amath Saiko Ly, who believes that the literacy classes will bring added value to the daily activities carried out by women.

“This approach will allow them to get the most out of what they do. They already occupy a strategic place in the economic development of the country and this will have a positive impact in the improvement of our products,” he indicated.

The “Natur’Elles” project aims to reach 8,000 direct beneficiaries, including 6,000 women and 85,000 indirect beneficiaries, spread across 125 villages. It strives to improve the governance of natural resources, promoting more sustainable and equitable management of mangrove ecosystems.

It should generate significant benefits for local populations by offering sustainable economic opportunities while preserving natural resources, indicated Lamine Dédhiou, operations coordinator of the “Natur’Elles” project in the Sine-Saloum Delta.




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