Janitor accused of pimping | The accused released, but banned from the Youth Center

The janitor of the Laval Youth Center arrested for sexual assault on a teenager and pimping on May 2 was able to regain his freedom while awaiting his trial. The court, however, prohibited him from being in a youth center for the remainder of the proceedings.

Published yesterday at 4:56 p.m.

The Press revealed Friday that Serge-André Exil-Florestal, a 36-year-old Laval resident arrested by the Sûreté du Québec for pimping a minor, sexual contact, production of child pornography and sexual assault on a minor, was an employee from the CISSS de Laval assigned to housekeeping at the youth center.

According to the investigation, the alleged victim in this case was a 14-year-old runaway teenager who was allegedly under his influence between November 2023 and February 2024. This is the type of vulnerable clientele who is accommodated in the workplaces of the accused. At this stage, however, the police have not found a link between the alleged crimes and the employment of Mr. Florestal, according to our information. The victim would rather be from the Gatineau region.

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Serge-André Exil-Florestal, accused of pimping

The CISSS de Laval confirmed having suspended Mr. Florestal after his arrest and remaining on the lookout for any denunciations from young people who might have crossed paths with the concierge.

To this suspension of the employer is now added a formal order from a judge. Before releasing him in Gatineau, the court imposed a condition on Mr. Florestal which prevents him from entering a youth center for the duration of the legal proceedings. He is also prohibited from being in a shopping center, unless accompanied by one of his relatives who has made a commitment to the court. He also had to temporarily give up any device that could be connected to the internet.

Mr. Florestal is also prohibited from being in a public park or public swimming area if there are persons under the age of 16 or if it is reasonable to expect that there is any. It is also temporarily banned from daycares, school grounds, playgrounds or community centers.

With Ariane Lacoursière, The Press




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