She gives birth at home with the help of two police officers

“A story like in the movies.” It is difficult to describe this evening of April 29 more faithfully. If giving birth is an exceptional event in itself, doing it at home, without a doctor, is a feat. The outcome is joyful, but it could have been much darker, considering the risks that this can entail.


Stéphanie Larouche and Clara Julien were the first responders for the birth of little Élodie. At the start of their careers and despite the scale of the challenge, the young women were unfailingly calm in supporting the young mother. (Tom Core/The Daily)

“We are blessed to have experienced this, we will remember it all our lives. Situations like this are very rare and when they do happen, they don’t always go well. We can say that everyone had adrenaline pumping,” explains police officer Stéphanie Larouche, during the passage of the Daily at the mother’s residence to collect the group’s testimonies.

“On our side too, it’s quite rare. It happens that we have calls for an eminent delivery, but we often have time to go to the hospital, but to give birth like that at the residence is very rare. It’s exciting, but it’s also very stressful, you have to plan carefully because everything happens quickly,” adds paramedic Jeanne Beaumont.

The exceptional side of the situation was also highlighted by certain colleagues of the speakers. Several nurses also reportedly mentioned it to the mother, so the latter was in the hospital with her baby after the fact.


The mother made sure to give souvenirs of this evening to the speakers. Photos of little Élodie accompanied by letters of thanks to the police and paramedics. (Tom Core/The Daily)

The complicity was also palpable between the police officers, the mother and the paramedics, despite the few hours spent together.

“I will be eternally grateful to them,” Jessica Émond-Larouche insisted in an emotional outburst.

>>>The complicity was palpable between the police officers, the paramedics and the mother. It's the kind of event that unites for life.>>>

The complicity was palpable between the police officers, the paramedics and the mother. It’s the kind of event that unites for life. (Tom Core/The Daily)

A concentrate of emotion

The evening went by very quickly for the young thirty-year-old. She headed to the hospital around 4:30 p.m. following contractions, was then told the baby was not “ready,” and to go home. Between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., the contractions intensified and to relieve the pain, she decided to relax in her bathtub. “I then called into the delivery room to say that things were really wrong, that I was still having contractions. While I was on the phone with them my water broke! I just had time to say, “I’m giving birth,” before hanging up,” exclaims the young mother.

The father quickly called the emergency services and police officers Stéphanie Larouche and Clara Julien arrived within the next few minutes. They took care of calming and reassuring Jessica, while accompanying her in the early stages of her delivery. Paramedics Jeanne Beaumont and Marie-Gil Dufour arrived on the scene a few minutes later. They supervised the mother’s work until the advanced care paramedic team arrived on the scene.

“When advanced care arrived, you could see the baby’s head. The man put down his bag and in a few pushes the baby was out,” explain the young speakers, still overcome with emotion.

The result: a baby weighing about 6.9 pounds, perfectly healthy and the mother just as healthy.

“I was stressed, and still a little angry with the hospital because they didn’t believe me. But in the end, since it went well, we are happy. Work [des deux policières et deux ambulancières] was so well coordinated,” explains the mother.

“It was really intense. We thought we would have time to calm her down and probably take her to the hospital peacefully. But she started talking about contractions, and they were getting more and more frequent, she felt like she was pushing. We are trained for basic emergency care, but let’s just say we couldn’t wait for the paramedics to arrive,” concludes Clara Julien, satisfied with the result of the evening.

>>>Paramedics Jeanne Beaumont and Marie-Gil Dufour quickly lent a hand to the police officers.>>>

Paramedics Jeanne Beaumont and Marie-Gil Dufour quickly lent a hand to the police officers. (Tom Core/The Daily)

To make this scenario a point of honor, Jessica’s mother, who was also there that evening, rushed to spread the good news to anyone who would listen.

“It’s a girl!” she shouted as she left the residence, to the applause of the neighbors whom curiosity had attracted nearby.



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