Blue ink: Ascension vacationers

Blue ink: Ascension vacationers
Blue ink: Ascension vacationers

Ascension holidaymakers


Published today at 6:10 p.m.

Geneva suddenly emptied. Sudden depopulation. Everywhere, free surface parking spaces, the sign that does not deceive. We must thank tourists for maintaining the illusion that our city is still inhabited. The exodus towards the south and towards the north began already on Wednesday. At midday, the bridge over the Versoix was the Normandy bridge, an uninterrupted column of vehicles moving to the rhythm of a summer transhumance.

It’s only May, the month of bridges, which, in common expression, become viaducts when you line up three days off in a row. Only one is enough to make the Ascension. You still have to think about it. Since the beginning of the year, the most far-sighted have decided to take Fridays, which allow them to bridge the gap with the weekend.

In municipal and cantonal administration, there are many to plan for. Julie, who has not planned anything, receives lots of automatic emails in return. His own colleagues are also more postcard than email these days: “We’ll send you a suspension bridge. You like both: water and concrete…”

Okay. How many journalists does it take to produce a newspaper the day after Ascension? Shh, company secret. Bad anticipation, Julie therefore finds herself on the bridge, failing to do so. On the side of the losers who still do not know how to “weld” their personal calendar.

To console herself, she goes to the banks of the Rhône, between two columns to write. The banks are deserted, people are on vacation. Here she is at the foot of her favorite bridge, the Junction railway viaduct. The structure is in Olympic shape, its arches are reflected in the river. Double ring nestled between the pillars. The image can be discovered while walking at daybreak. The Ascension Bridge near your home. It’s a gift.


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