The window to replace Trudeau is closing quickly

The window to replace Trudeau is closing quickly
The window to replace Trudeau is closing quickly

For several months, we have been wondering whether Justin Trudeau will be the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada during the next election campaign.

On each occasion, Mr. Trudeau responds that he will be present during the next election and it is completely normal for him to say that he will be in place, because an unconvincing answer would open the door to a set of speculations.

However, with the state of public opinion towards the Liberal leader, we can wonder if it is not the members of his team who will show him the exit door.

Mark Carney

Former Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, is very active these days. He does not hesitate to speak out to share his vision of the Canadian economy as he did in Ottawa and Toronto in April.

Clearly, Mr. Carney has aspirations. We hear that he is preparing for a possible chieftaincy and there are rumors that he would like a coronation.

Even if we sense impatience among Liberal elected officials, no member of the Liberal caucus has yet publicly called for Justin Trudeau’s resignation. Currently, Mr. Trudeau seems to have the confidence of his troops despite devastating polls.

The weather

Even if we do not feel that the next federal election will be tomorrow morning, there is nevertheless less and less time before Canadians return to the polls.

Liberal strategists want to narrow the gap with the conservatives by the start of summer. But, currently, we do not feel that voting intentions are going in this direction.

Liberal MPs seem patient and ready to run the next campaign with the man who became Prime Minister in 2015.

However, the Liberals will have to be certain of their choice, because very soon they will not be able to turn back, even if they believe that Justin Trudeau is no longer the man for the job.



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