A Canac Stadium in the image of the “mythical” Fenway Park

A Canac Stadium in the image of the “mythical” Fenway Park
A Canac Stadium in the image of the “mythical” Fenway Park

The work will include the complete renovation of the facade of the building. The yellow plaster will give way to the brick. “We can think of the legendary Fenway Park, it will be magnificent,” mentions the advisor responsible for sports and leisure, Jean-François Gosselin.

The call for tenders launched by the City of Quebec also includes the repair and improvement of installations already in place, such as the slabs of the stands, the ramps, the stairs as well as the concrete walls of the building. The stadium’s sound system and lighting will also be completely changed.


The yellow plaster will give way to brick, like Fenway Park in Boston. (Capitals of Quebec)

The general admission section, known for its long “church” type wooden benches, will be drastically changed in the future. The latter will be replaced by 1,550 individual seats like those installed in the rest of the infrastructure. This change will not affect the capacity of the stadium which is 4,297 seats in the stands.

The area which houses part of the stadium’s administrative premises, along the eastern façade, will be replaced by a new construction of up to two floors integrated with the new stadium façades.

The garage located along the west facade will be replaced to allow the provision of storage spaces. A new two-story building will also be built next to the new garage and family area. The “chalet” will permanently accommodate the support infrastructure for the inflatable dome.

The entire project is estimated by the City at nearly 20 million. The sum already appears in the ten-year investment program for Quebec 2024-2033.

The work is scheduled to begin in July 2026. It will be planned and carried out during the baseball off-season, from October to April. Some work may take place during the summer season, but temporary installations will be set up to ensure public safety, if necessary.

The inauguration of the modernized Canac Stadium is scheduled for May 1, 2028.




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