SENEGAL-WORK-ADVOCACY / Women trade unionists plead for the ratification of ILO Convention C190 – Senegalese Press Agency

Mbour, May 8 (APS) – Several women trade unionists pleaded, Tuesday, for the ratification of Convention C190 on violence and harassment in the workplace, of the International Labor Organization (ILO), noted the APS .

”The observation is that we women suffer more, which is why we took up the plea. Because we think it is time for the C190 convention to be ratified,” underlined Yaye Khady Dia Samba, national general secretary of the Union of Public and Parapublic Administration Agents, affiliated with the CNTS.

She participated in a capacity building workshop for women from trade union centers on social dialogue and collective negotiation techniques, as part of the National Plan to Strengthen Social Dialogue (PNRDS).

”We demand equal opportunities if skills are equal. For equal responsibility, equal pay,” she added, specifying that this practice is still slow to materialize.

The Minister of Labor, Employment and Relations with Institutions, Yankhoba Diémé, reassured that “the work is being done”.

According to him, these subjects will be addressed within the framework of social dialogue and the review of the Labor Code, in order to adopt the orientations of the new authorities.

The official believes that because of the “systemic” nature of the problem, it must be addressed from the employer to the government, through the employee and the union.

Deploring the “absence of frank dialogue” between the different actors, Ms. Dia believes that “women’s access to bodies is an internal battle that women trade unionists must wage within trade union centers”.

This will make it possible, she said, to readjust the legal arsenal and avoid as many conflicts as possible” in the workplace.

Yankhoba Diémé assured in this sense that the new authorities will take all their responsibilities to meet the challenge.




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