VIDEO – Ceremony of May 8: in Tarn-et-Garonne, the flag bearers are emulated

A few weeks ago, Tarn-et-Garonne opened its first school for standard bearers with a first training on Wednesday April 3, 2024. Around twenty young people were trained for an afternoon, and they will be at the front -posts during this day of ceremony for May 8. This school seeks to reconnect with republican traditions by transmitting to the news the transmission of memory.

It is carried by the National Office for Veterans and War Victims (ONaCGV) of Tarn-et-Garonne. The flag bearers are volunteers, veterans or not, who carry the tricolor flag of their association during patriotic events. This mission is highly symbolic since the standard bearer pays tribute, in the name of the French Nation, to the combatants and the missing. He must therefore exercise his function with dignity and constancy.

18 trainees aged 13 to 57

The first session brought together 18 trainees aged 13 to 57. The training is divided into two modules: the first was devoted to the discovery of the function of standard bearer and its history. The basics of republican protocol and the conduct of a memorial ceremony were also studied during the first stage of this training.

The second module consisted of the organization of a “white ceremony”. With the idea that young people can be ready for the May 8 ceremonies. At the end of the ceremony, Colonel Fabrice Duda, from the Departmental Military Delegation of Tarn-et-Garonne came to greet each of the young people and congratulate them on their commitment.

A commitment enough to give hope to Vincent Roberti prefect of Tarn et Garonne. “To see young people very involved, very committed, having their feet anchored in the ground, with republican and civic values, it is very moving. We also criticize our youth so much that to see them like that, it is a pleasure and It gives confidence for the future.” The department hopes to three sessions each year.

Each flag bearer has a godfather or godmother who will guide him. © Radio France
Sandrine Morin
The volunteers in the first session were between 13 and 57 years old. © Radio France
Sandrine Morin
The students participated in a white ceremony.
The students participated in a white ceremony. © Radio France
Sandrine Morin




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