Tribute. Famous Cotentin potter, Michel Chevallier has left us

Tribute. Famous Cotentin potter, Michel Chevallier has left us
Tribute. Famous Cotentin potter, Michel Chevallier has left us


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May 19, 2024 at 6:57 p.m.

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Well-known potter Vindefontainedelegated municipality of Picauville, Michel Chevallier died at the age of 85, on May 8, 2024. A look back at his career.

Arrived in 1965 thanks to a radio

He arrived in Vindefontaine in 1965 after listening to the radio show Hello mister mayor. The first magistrate of Vindefontaine at the time launched an appeal to help him “restore the nobility to the former pottery center of the town”.

And Michel Chevallier’s workshop has indeed helped to somehow revive the pottery center of Vindefontainenext to 100 years later the last potter who stopped practicing in 1849.

In this old photo, the potter Michel Chevallier is in full swing. ©DR

“Arriving from Paris where he had studied graphic arts at the Beaux-arts, he settled in the heart of the town as potter. His respect for traditional pottery in tones and shapes has contributed to the evolution of the Museum of Ancient Pottery,” recalls Agnès Lelièvre, of the association Les Amis Du Vieux Vindefontaine.

We thank him for thus highlighting the municipal heritage. He, the discreet man, left his mark on the town of Vindefontaine, it was under the name “The Potier” that we liked to greet him.

Agnès Lelièvre, from the association Les Amis Du Vieux Vindefontaine

“Its recognizable silhouette with his hat and his clothing style have left their mark on the minds of the Vindefontainais. His values, his kindness and his smile will remain engraved in our memories. Hi artist, thank you for everything! »

Painting by Michel Chevallier. ©Madeleine HILL

He was still exhibiting a few months ago

In 1982, Michel Chevalier “handed over” to his wife Catherine to devote himself to another talent, that of “image-making”, according to his expression. In November 2023, he participated in an exhibition of local artists in the Picauville media library, where several of his paintings were exhibited.

Michel was also one of the founders of the Carentan badminton club, in 1990 and he had remained faithful to her ever since. Five years ago and for the second time, he was even voted Best Sportsman of the Year, “for his moral qualities and his involvement within the club”. This year again, in January, he participated in the traditional cake tournament.

From our correspondent Madeleine HILL

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