Dordogne: Visual artist Ève de France presents “Pulse”

A dome, which represents the emergence of the planet, has been installed in the mill.
Louisette Joudinaud

The opening of the “Pulse” exhibition by the artist Ève de France, at the Moulin de la Baysse, took place on Saturday May 4, in partnership with the Excit’œil association.

Eve from France, accomplished artist, with highly sought-after talent and already experienced in major events, fulfills her creative dreams by offering performances in resonance with a musical program.

The visual artist explores the conceptual and physical territories of time, space, and the body, through archetypal symbols of a universal nature, creating devices from manufactured or artisanal objects that she makes with natural materials.

In the room of the Baysse mill, two lunar calendars have been installed, one wall-mounted, the other helical. It shows the cycles of the moon over the years as well as the monthly cycle. Each represents a depth of time.

“The sound universe plunges into a multiplicity of imaginations”

The “Pulse” installation is presented as a “materialization of the thicknesses of time” based on the interior architecture of the “Image Mill” as well as its sound particularities.

“It is a device designed to be traveled in one direction or the other, created from the singularity of the mill site. The existing sound universe plunges into a multiplicity of possible imaginations and summons temporal dimensions linked to a past, a now and a tomorrow. The acoustic quality of the site encourages possible introspection. The reach passing under the “Image Room”, separated only by an openwork metal floor, allows the flow of water to create real auditory tension,” explains the artist.

To end this meeting, the public headed to the Villa les Roses for a friendly drink organized by Excit”il, before discovering the musical system by Frédéric Petitprez, designed from the installation by Ève de France.

The “Pulse” installation can be discovered every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (except Tuesday) at the Moulin de la Baysse, until May 25.

Visual artist Ève de France, alongside Violaine Bariller, president of the Excit’œil association.
Louisette Joudinaud
The cycles of the moon over the years as well as the monthly cycle are represented.
Louisette Joudinaud
Louisette Joudinaud


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