SM Caen. Alexandre Mendy, the price of success

SM Caen. Alexandre Mendy, the price of success
SM Caen. Alexandre Mendy, the price of success

Rarity creates value. When Alexandre Mendy remains silent during several matches in the SM Caen jersey, it is therefore an event, where the thing would be anecdotal for many attackers.

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The Bissao-Guinean has not scored in the last five matches at the Michel-d’Ornano stadium. A first since the fall of 2020, when he waited for his twelfth appearance in the colors of the Norman club to open a goal counter which has been ticking over for three seasons.

Seube: “It becomes mechanical to search for it”

Between these two ends of his Caen history, the 30-year-old center forward has scored 62 goals. This makes him a candidate for the title of best player in Ligue 2 this season, nominated this week alongside Himad Abdelli (Angers), Gauthier Hein (Auxerre), Ilan Kebbal (Paris FC) and Gaëtan Perrin (Auxerre). This also makes him a man who is closely watched every week on the pitch. “Sometimes, opponents even do two or three takes on himillustrates Romain Thomas, the Norman captain. I don’t think he plays any differently, but he’s highly guarded. When we face Caen, even more so against d’Ornano, we say to ourselves that the number 1 asset is him. »

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The man with 0.59 goals per match this season has slowed down since mid-February (4 goals in 11 matches). Affected by bacterial pneumonia throughout the month of March, he found the light in Quevilly Rouen with a double. Alexandre Mendy has since had to settle for a penalty in Ajaccio. So, less effective, better monitored, less well used?

“I think we are too focused on Alex, while the defenses are very focused on him”

“I think we are too focused on Alex (Mendy) while the defenses are very focused on himsays Nicolas Seube, his trainer. Having debriefed with the players after Saint-Étienne, it becomes mechanical to look for it, while there are situations where certain players were better positioned in this match. He stares at so many people that he frees up space. There, in Saint-Étienne, I had the feeling that we had multiple choices and that we often looked for Alex. Obviously, twenty goals is a cause. The lights are always red among the opposing defenders. »

Rarely clumsy, except against Bordeaux (0-1) at the beginning of April, the top scorer in the championship has less freedom and great opportunities to shine. “My only concern is to be able to create complementarity and game choices, continues Nicolas Seube. Alex, I already told him: I am very happy for him, he has had remarkable statistics for three seasons, he is in a micro-list to be elected best player in this championship. My aspect is collective. When we reward players individually, it is just the consequence of collective success. »

After extending until 2026 last summer, that’s all the player is hoping for. “Playing in L1 again doesn’t particularly excite me. On the other hand, finding her with Caen would be incredible.”, he said in our columns at the end of January. The road today is very long and winding. With or without a goal from Mendy, hope will only remain in the event of success this evening against Laval.



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