In Montpellier launches a training budget simulator for small businesses

In Montpellier launches a training budget simulator for small businesses
In Montpellier launches a training budget simulator for small businesses was created during the Montpellier start-up weekend in 2018, a competition for young entrepreneurs who have 48 hours to set up their project and propose it to a jury. It was on this occasion that Stéphane Silvi and Jean-Marie Dupré met, they won first prize and then benefited from support to set up their start-up.

Jean-Marie Dupré worked for 15 years as HR director, “Friends who created or took over companies came to see me for advice on the human resources side, but they never got support, they were not ready to invest even though it is these companies that need the most some advices”. This is how his idea was born to create a training company but different training courses that go beyond the traditional framework.

There is no question of organizing full days with only face-to-face inter-company theory. exempts practical, operational trainingdirectly linked to the company’s projects, sequenced training courses of two hours per week. “It’s more like advice, mentoring, coaching adapted to SMEs.” offers training in management, marketing, communication, commerce, finance, HR. Created in 2019, has just celebrated its 5th anniversary, it is located in Castelnau le Lez and today has 25 employees.

“To guarantee operational training, we have a community of professional experts, we have 800 today, people who have experience but who have sometimes never done training, we put their foot in the door. ‘yoke”. The promise: develop the box and the skills. “We develop the company project at the same time as the skills.”

Over the months, realizes that companies are unaware that they can claim budgets to finance their training. “71% of companies with fewer than 50 employees do not implement any training plan either for their employees or for managers, often due to lack of knowledge of existing systems. They often do not have human resources departments and do not have so no access to the right information, they don’t know what they can do.”

Companies with fewer than 50 employees benefit from contributions from all companies, but it is sometimes difficult to understand how to benefit from them

However, all companies, even the smallest, contribute towards professional training. And since 2018, a new law reserves all training contributions for companies with fewer than 50 employees, in other words everyone contributes but only the smallest companies recover the money. Needless to say, there is money. In 2022, 659 million euros were available to finance the upskilling of companies with fewer than 50 employees. (Large companies must finance training for their employees from their own funds)

But it’s a real administrative labyrinth to understand and find the information, it depends on the size of the company, its field of activity, the professional branch to which it depends. “All the information is available online but it is not always easy to find, and not easy to interpret because there is a lot of jargon and when you are not an HR specialist, it is not easy”

Hence the idea of ​​ to develop a software to make their lives easier in this area, software which allows them in three clicks to know the budget to which they are eligible. Today, this tool is available to all businesses free of charge. This simulator is intended to be intuitive, easy to use and fast. In three clicks the company can have a personalized estimate of its training budget.

A free tool but is obviously there because once companies know the budget they have, they can obviously turn to to spend this money!



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