Near Rennes, Biolait recalls the urgency for the organic sector

Near Rennes, Biolait recalls the urgency for the organic sector
Near Rennes, Biolait recalls the urgency for the organic sector

By David Kerherve
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May 3, 24 at 8:40

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“It deconverts everywhere.” Breeders gathered within Biolait and united Piré-sur-Seiche (Ille-et-Vilaine) look gloomy. The organic sector united within this social and solidarity economy company observes low morale among many producers. But Biolait has decided to react and review its communication with the general public.

Launched in 1994 with six producers united by the ambition to develop the organic dairy sector, 30 years later, with 1,300 member farms, Biolait represents a quarter of production in France, with 270 million liters in 2023.

“Time for action!” »

But if this social and solidarity economy company was able to quickly unite women and men around the same values ​​for a common project, “organic milk everywhere, for everyone! “, the results are summarized by Ludovic Massard, administrator and breeder in Morbihan: “It’s deconverting everywhere”.

A turnaround in the situation confirmed since 2021 with a drop in consumption, and confirmed more recently by a multifactorial context, including inflation. No question of giving up, however:

After the observation and the astonishment, time for action!

Support and accompaniment

As an invitation to the profession, consumers and public authorities, moreover on the eve of the European elections in June, reiterated during the press conference in mid-April Chez Martial Chesnais, producer in Piré-sur-Seiche ( Ille-et-Vilaine).

“For 30 years, Biolait has been committed to an ambitious objective. Despite the context, we believe in the production of organic milk in France,” continues Yves Sauvaget, administrator and producer in Manche. “Today, our commitment to guaranteeing collection to all our producers, with great transparency in terms of prices, by responding to the challenges of the energy and ecological transition, needs to be supported and accompanied.”

A more ambitious policy

Among the priorities put forward by the sector: provisions within the CAP “up to standard” for the production of organic milk, “fair promotion in all territories” of farmers’ actions in terms of environmental services (PES) and agro-environmental and climatic measures (MAEC), as well as compliance with the objective of a minimum of 20% organic products in public collective catering, without forgetting the extension of aid for young farmers to all farms. “Generation renewal requires a more ambitious policy for these new installations and for replacing those who retire.”

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On the basis of a stated objective for 2050: “Doubling the number of member farms, with, for these breeders, diversification of sources of income including remuneration for actions in favor of water preservation and protection of the environment “.

Animations in large areas

A development which first involves winning back consumers, as Ludovic Massard announces: “200 events at partner brands, such as Auchan in June or Super U in the fall, as well as on local markets, for real contacts with them, real exchanges and a real impact on consumption.”

Biolait is also counting on increased visibility thanks to the “He milk there” marker indicating products from member farms as well as around a hundred local meetings with elected officials, plus meetings at the National Assembly and in different ministries.

According to Ludovic Massard:

The best ambassadors remain the producers themselves.

” It’s urgent “

Finally, if Yves Sauvaget mentions “a slight tremor in consumption, in short circuits and in collective catering in Brittany, in particular”, the sector remains fragile and could suffer from an international context favorable to inflation.

Hence his appeal to public authorities: “For 30 years, we have replaced public authorities by developing the organic sector, by responding to all societal demands, but here we are at the end. It’s urgent. We need rapid support, a helping hand from the State.”

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