-d’. Christmas in a circus 2024 will take place in the swimming pool parking lot

-d’. Christmas in a circus 2024 will take place in the swimming pool parking lot
Valence-d’Agen. Christmas in a circus 2024 will take place in the swimming pool parking lot

the essential
the new momentum given in 2023 with quality performances under the big top, Noël en cirque is preparing the 2024 edition.

The Noël en cirque association held its extraordinary and ordinary general meetings on Monday April 22, in the Léo-Gipoulou room, under the leadership of Frédéric Dublanc, president of the association, accompanied by members of the office. Around forty members responded.

Agenda of the ordinary general meeting: Moral and financial assessments 2023 edition, presentation 2024 edition, various questions.

In his moral report, the president wanted to thank the members of the office, as well as all the volunteers: “Together, we managed to offer a show worthy of the most beautiful years of Christmas in the circus, and what’s more, to organize it in a very short time, just four months, while their ability to work in this direction was relatively in doubt. We managed to breathe new life into our beautiful association by presenting a traditional circus show and, for the first time. times, under the big top, the feedback from the public is very positive, even if we are aware that improvements in the organization need to be made”, continued the president, while insisting on the fact that this show could not have been seen. the day without financial aid from the town hall of -d’, the community of communes of Deux-Rives, the departmental council of Tarn-et-Garonne and numerous partners.

He also wanted to recall that the president of the community of communes of Deux-Rives and mayor of Valence-d’Agen, Jean-Michel Baylet, had given them unfailing support, recalling that it was a major gamble after the trauma of Covid-19, loss of notoriety and reduced cash flow. He wanted to give the floor to Mr. Sahuc, the association’s chartered accountant, to present the association’s financial results: “It was essential that the auditor speak, an intervention which he had never had before. been proposed, in the interest of transparency and honesty towards members, and that it provides explanations and prospects for development,” added Frédéric Dublanc. The modifications to the statutes, the moral report and the financial report were approved by the assembly.

As for the program for the 2024 edition, it promises to be rich, “a constellation of world-renowned stars exclusively in under our big top and always in the purest circus tradition”.

A new feature for 2024, jointly in agreement with the town hall of Valence-d’Agen: it was decided to erect the marquee on Route des Charretiers, in the swimming pool parking lot, opposite the E.-Baylet stadium. “New place, more suitable, more spacious, under which we will be present with our energy, our dedication and our passion,” concluded the president of the association. After addressing various questions, to close these assemblies in a friendly manner, the participants shared a friendly drink.



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