Starligue: a draw that looks like a defeat for the LH in Créteil

Starligue: a draw that looks like a defeat for the LH in Créteil
Starligue: a draw that looks like a defeat for the LH in Créteil

The Limougeauds had a four-goal lead in the 52nd minute this Thursday evening in Créteil. But they were caught on the wire and conceded a bitter draw 32-32.

Faced with a Créteil team that is certainly in a relegation position but which has just won in Ivry at the last second (just like Limoges!), the LH started the game at high speed. As the local team was in the same frame of mind, a crossover based on ultra-rapid commitments took place on the floor (10-10, 13th). A festival of goals which caused reciprocal and almost simultaneous changes of goalkeepers given their low success rate…
On the first exclusion from Ile-de-France, the Limougeauds seemed to be in the ascendant with the back base led by Iglesias and the usual excesses of the untenable Gajic in his right lane.

Lack of control and accuracy

However, the gap did not exceed two units and Créteil could suddenly get back together or even go ahead at the intermediate siren (19-18) on a strike from Dekic. With only three cumulative saves for its goalkeepers, difficulties in finding the pivot and 7 ball losses, the LH had signed a “small” period in this case, hence this slight delay halfway through against a motivated rival who of course, his survival was at the highest level.

Precisely, the Limougeauds approached the second act with more determination, so as not to leave this crucial parameter to Créteil. In the space of eight minutes, the LH signed a 6-0 with Turchenko, Kervadec and Kusan in charge (19-24, 38th). The Cristolians then appeared “stunned”, as if lost in their too vast Sports Palace. They nevertheless overcame this weak time by relying on their young talents at the back Barbeito and Rigault (25-26, 45th) while the Limougeaude defense proved to be very uneven. Alberto Entrerrios’ men also lacked control and did not always make the right choices.

To the enthusiasm, Créteil thus obtained an equalizing ball converted by the Hungarian Stranigg eighteen seconds from the siren (32-32). In the process and at a slightly confused end to the match, Ihor Turchenko missed the winning shot, leaving the LH with a draw that looked like a defeat.

CRÉTEIL (Palais des Sports Robert-Oubron).CRÉTEIL and LIMOGES HANDBALL 32-32 (19-18). Referees: Charlotte and Julie Bonaventura.

Creteil.Anzuini 3/6, Lopez 0/1, Aman 1/2, Dekic 7/8, Imare, Rigault 7/8 (dt 1/1 pen.), Leventoux, A. Barbeito 5/7, Stranigg 4/5, Muel , Traoré, Deen 3/4, Ferrandier, Butorac 2/4.
Goalkeepers: Made 4 saves on 15 shots; Jandric 9 saves on 30 shots (1/4 pen.).

Limoges.Guillaume, Kervadec 2/4, Ogando 1/1, Kusan 4/4, Dolenec 1/4, Iglesias 3/4, Turchenko 6/8, Gajic 8/11 (dt 3/4 pen.), Nieto 2/3, Fernandez 1/2, Hrstic 4/7, El Deraa 0/2.
Goalkeepers: Slavic 7 saves on 30 shots; Ivah 1 save out of 10.

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