Rennes: tensions between pro-immigration activists

Rennes: tensions between pro-immigration activists
Rennes: tensions between pro-immigration activists

There is water in the gas between the pro-immigration collectives in the Rennes metropolis. On April 17, the Collective to Support Undocumented People of Rennes (CSPSP 35), one of the most active immigrationist collectives, organized an action in front of a Bouygues Télécom store in Rennes. The goal: to denounce the Bouygues company which is involved in the renovation and construction of Administrative Retention Centers including that of Saint-Jacques de la Lande. According to these leftists, any migration policy is unbearable and the whole world is welcome here.

But the action did not go as planned. Because this type of collective brings together a whole group of increasingly leftist people who are constantly launching Stalinist trials of non-radicality. Here is the internal report of the action of the 17th:

“Review of the Bouyghes action (sic!) which, on Wednesday April 17, led to the commercial closure of the store in the afternoon and a particularly unpleasant intervention by the police = we re-discussed the difficulties of coexistence with certain people from other political currents, when we have to justify our methods of action (principle of the decision-making AG in particular), when we have to play the role of saying “uh, excuse me but it would be good if we decided collectively to what you have the brilliant idea of ​​doing right now…”, when we have to be treated like acting like cops (for a comrade), when we have to carry out our actions with a lump in our stomach for some. because we are afraid of not being able to control what is happening as soon as we spot these people (we have a long history full of love with these trends…), when we have to make ourselves speak with a tone and a smile which give many desires… And we are not even talking about the need to have to manage the cops in ways other than those we usually use and allow us (almost) without fear to continue to fight with undocumented immigrants among us.

Taking into account the fact that some of us say that they will leave the action next time if we let ourselves be done in this way by these few people again, the decision is (re)made to be more sure of us when people piss us off in action and to react COLLECTIVELY by clearly and COLLECTIVELY reminding us of our functioning. And if people are not happy with our methods of action, we will invite them to leave or we will leave ourselves but COLLECTIVELY.

To be understood by these people, we remind you that, if a person showed up with a flag and non-revolutionary slogans of the socialist party in our actions, we would cry foul for non-compliance with our terms decided at the General Meeting; so let the said people do the same or leave us alone by organizing their own “autonomous” actions, period.

We of course remain open to any collective discussion with anyone on what happened, on our methods of action and on our right to CHOOSE how we campaign. Do not hesitate to circulate this CR to the said people and send them our greetings…”

This does not prevent CSPSP 35 from rescheduling a next action on Wednesday May 15 at 4 p.m. in front of the Bouygues Telecom store on rue Le Bastard!

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