Cook outdoors with these gas barbecues!

Cook outdoors with these gas barbecues!
Cook outdoors with these gas barbecues!

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1 May 24 at 10:02

Summer is synonymous with tanning sessions, festive weekends outdoors and convivial meals in the garden! What if you took advantage of it to cook delicious grilled meats? Perfectly sear your meats, fish, shellfish and vegetables by purchasing a gas barbecue. Discover three devices with the best value for money. At the moment, their price is dropping on Rakuten. Now is the time to place an order!

Campingaz Class 4L Select gas barbecue: for its versatility

Equipped with a grill, a plancha and an oven, the Campingaz gas barbecue will help you prepare all your summer recipes. It is installed on a wheeled cart. You can therefore easily move it around your garden or on your terrace.

His characteristics :

  • Dimensions : 142 x 142 x 62 centimeters.
  • Power : 12kW.
  • Number of burners : 4.

Its advantages :

  • Generous cooking surface.
  • Robust enamelled steel material.
  • Integrated spice rack.

It costs €399 instead of €606.22.


Weber Spirit II E-310 Black enameled plancha barbecue: for small budgets

Mounted on a compact trolley, the Weber Spirit barbecue is very practical to use. This functional device is the least expensive in our selection. It has two cooking zones, with a grill and a plancha. You can use its two plates according to your tastes or the desired result.

Its features:

  • Dimensions : 132 x 113 x 69 centimeters.
  • Power : 8.6 kW.
  • Number of burners :3.

Its strong points:

  • Robust.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Integrated plancha.

It is available for less than €330 on Rakuten.


Napoleon Rogue Gas Barbecue 3 Burners R425PK-1-FR: for large tables

The Rogue Napoleon gas barbecue allows you to grill meat, fish or vegetables for more than ten guests. It has a large cooking surface of 2,700 cm2. Its lid incorporates a temperature gauge for perfect control of all your preparations.

Its technical sheet:

  • Dimensions : 130 x 122 x 64 centimeters.
  • Power : 14.25 kW.
  • Number of burners :3.

Its strong points:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Optimal heat distribution.
  • Two side shelves.

It is offered at €869 for a few days only.


Our comparative guide to finding the best gas barbecue

To find the ideal gas barbecue, choose a reliable and efficient model. From major brands (Weber, Campingaz, Napoleon), the devices in our selection will follow you for many years.

  • The most durable: the Rogue Napoleon gas barbecue, guaranteed for 15 years. This device is also perfect if you like to entertain. Its cooking plate is perfect for meals for up to 12 people.
  • The most versatile: To cook a variety of recipes, the Campingaz gas barbecue is made for you. It is equipped with a grill, oven and plancha function to prepare your summer meals from A to Z.
  • The 2-in-1: As for the Weber gas barbecue, it allows you to choose between the smoky taste of the barbecue and the lightly seared cooking of the plancha. For optimal results, it has very practical accessories, such as a thermometer.

Want to share a good prime rib with friends? To grill sausages or merguez for your family summer lunches? Order a gas barbecue without further delay! Practical, this type of equipment is easy to maintain. By operating using burners, it is very practical in exterior areas without an electrical connection. Don’t forget to also invest in utensils to cook like a chef!

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