Win your tickets for the Montreux Jazz Festival with Vaudoise Assurances

Win your tickets for the Montreux Jazz Festival with Vaudoise Assurances
Win your tickets for the Montreux Jazz Festival with Vaudoise Assurances

Unfortunately, we cannot escape the chore of shopping since we are obliged to prepare something to eat from time to time and for that, we must have products available…

Given that the price of food tends to increase, why not take advantage of going to a Swiss brand which offers us an incredible quantity of quality products, at attractive prices? We are obviously talking about ALIGRO !

And so that LFM become even more a part of your daily life, we offer you all year round gift cards ALIGROa value of CHF 30.-to spend in the market ALIGRO of your choice !

ALIGRO: Leading wholesaler in French-speaking Switzerland

Whatever product you are looking for, you will find it at ALIGRO ! Indeed, the Swiss brand, which opened the first wholesale market in Switzerland in 1966, has today become the essential meeting place for gastronomy professionals as well as individuals.

In the heart of the spacious markets ALIGRO, you will find a good number of products, ranging from fresh foods to non-food items, including ready meals and drinks. All this at an attractive price, since you can benefit from numerous weekly discounts.

Win your ALIGRO gift card on LFM

All year, LFM offers you gift cards ALIGROa value of CHF30.-to be asserted in the market ALIGRO of your choice !

A little help to pay for your shopping is never too much. So take advantage of this unique opportunity to reduce your bill or make some additional purchases.

To try your chance to win your gift card ALIGROa value of CHF 30.-stay tuned LFM daily, and throughout the day, to participate in the quiz ALIGRO.

Good luck !

Wise advice from ALIGRO

In addition to offering an exceptional variety of quality products within its 14 markets in Switzerland, ALIGRO makes it a point of honor to work with collaborators who are experts in gastronomy, who will advise you best.

The experience ALIGROit is not only a story of offer and taste, but also of listening and trust, hence the motto “Always serving you better”.



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