Five events not to be missed in Santa Teresa this weekend

The first festival of the year, Santa Teresa has become a must-see for spring with its programming which leaves plenty of room for up-and-coming artists. Among the approximately 55 artists to see this weekend, including comedians for the first time, The newspaper asked the organizer, Patrick Kearney, to target five events not to be missed.

Arnaud Soly’s evening of humor and music

For the very first time, Santa Teresa invites comedians to its programming. Thursday evening, however, should not expect a strictly comic gala. Coming from a family of musicians, the host of the evening, Arnaud Soly, will offer a mixture of music and humor, accompanied on stage by a house band. Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and Mona De Grenoble are among the guests. “It was a promoter who approached us to do this evening and we went ahead,” mentions Patrick Kearney. We had been trying for a long time to see how we could expand our festival artistically.”

Thursday, on the big Loto-Québec stage, from 7:30 p.m.

Arnaud Soly.

Courtesy Raphaël Ouellet

The winners of the OpenMIC competition: Céréales Dauphins

For several years, Santa Teresa has offered a competition open to all on Instagram. Interested musicians only have to send a short performance of less than a minute and Internet users vote for the big winner. This year, around fifty artists or groups participated in OpenMIC. The winners, Céréales Dauphin, come from Sainte-Thérèse and met at Lionel-Groulx college. “The competition was another great success this year,” says Patrick Kearney. We received videos that ranged from rock metal, to rap, to super sweet stuff. It shows that there is a lot of talent.” Céréales Dauphin will play Friday on the same stage as Émile Bourgault and Loïc Lafrance.

Friday, on the Desjardins stage, from 6 p.m.

Dolphin cereals.


Saturday hip hop evening

Hip hop fans won’t want to miss Saturday night, with Ziak headlining. French rapper of Algerian and Guadeloupean origin, he always appears masked and reveals nothing about his identity, leaving the mystery lingering. “The Saturday lineup is really very cool with also Loud Lary Ajust, the Belgians Caballero & JeanJass, the French Beendo Z and Muzion, who doesn’t do a lot of shows with the full version of the group,” says Patrick Kearney.

Saturday, on the big Loto-Québec stage, from 3:30 p.m.

Santa Teresa



Sunday for Mother’s Day

“It’s always a day that I really like,” says the organizer. She is always more smooth. Last year, we finished with Men I Trust, Ariane Roy and Clay and Friends. It’s a very cool Mother’s Day.” This year, we will be entitled to Daniel Bélanger at the closing. Comment Debord, Bibi Club, Alphonse Bisaillon and Miel de Montagne are among the other artists who will perform that day.

Sunday, on the big Loto-Québec stage, from 3 p.m.

Santa Teresa

Daniel Bélanger.

Courtesy Shayne Laverdière

Indigenous artist Soleil Launière

Monday evening, she will try to win the grand final of the Francouvertes. But the day before, Soleil Launière will play in Santa Teresa. “I’m happy to present it,” says Patrick Kearney. We push a lot for indigenous artists. I saw her at Phoque OFF and she’s a really good artist. I think people will make a great discovery with her.” Soleil Launière will share the bill with Olivia Khoury for this free concert.

Sunday, at the Sirius XM Chapel at Urlu, from 10 p.m.

The Santa Teresa festival begins this evening and runs until Sunday, in Sainte-Thérèse. For programming:

Santa Teresa

Soleil Launière.

Courtesy Lucile Parry-Canet



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