this very popular actor who was rejected…

this very popular actor who was rejected…
this very popular actor who was rejected…

Remember Peeta Mellark, the tender-hearted young baker and brilliant strategist from the blockbuster Hunger Games? The role was propelled by Josh Hutcherson, but did you know that another actor, now very popular, tried his luck to play him?

While Austin Butler is one of Hollywood’s rising stars today, his path to fame was not exactly a classic one. At the time of the auditions for Hunger
As of 2012, his career has been limited primarily to appearances in Disney and Nickelodeon series, such as
iCarly, Hannah Montana or Zoey
explain Screenrant. Opposite him, Josh Hutcherson was already a recognized child star, notably for his roles in Little Manhattan et The Secret of Terabithia.

It was ultimately Josh Hutcherson who landed the role of Peeta, propelling his career to an international dimension and Hollywood star status. For Austin Butler, the consecration would come later, and in a dazzling way..

Elvis, the role that changed everything for Austien Butler

We will have to wait until 2022 for Austin Butler’s career to take a 180-degree turn. By landing the lead role in the biopic
Elvis by Baz Luhrmann, the actor slips into the shoes of the King of Rock and Roll
His inhabited performance and striking physical transformation were critically acclaimed. He was even nominated for an Oscar for his incredible performance.

Avant ElvisAustin Butler had already begun to shed his image as a youth series actor. In 2019, Quentin Tarantino gave him a secondary role in his film
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…
. However, it is undoubtedly Elvis which marks a decisive turning point. The feature film allows him to demonstrate the full extent of his talent and to convince directors that he can embody complex and dramatic characters.

A choice that ultimately paid off?

We can therefore ask ourselves if, ultimately, Not landing the role of Peeta was not a stroke of fate for Austin Butler. Indeed, being associated with a successful youth saga could have locked him into a specific type of role.
Elvis On the contrary, it allowed him to prove his versatility and open his horizons to more ambitious projects.

Today, Austin Butler is taking on prestigious projects. We recently saw him in the hit mini-series Masters of the
and on display Dune : Part Two in the role of the formidable Feyd Rautha. Although he is not yet 33, his career is already rich and diversified. We can therefore safely think that Austin Butler has no reason to regret his failure in the casting ofHunger
The path he took took him to heights he might never have reached as Peeta Mellark.



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