Edelweiss Air plane swerves at Zurich airport

Edelweiss Air plane swerves at Zurich airport

Published today at 1:08 p.m.

Big scare at Zurich airport on October 27. A potentially serious accident was narrowly avoided in the Swiss sky.

An Edelweiss Air plane began takeoff from a runway at Zurich airport when it suddenly swerved for an undetermined reason.

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It’s the «Tages-Anzeiger» who raised the issue about the incident, based on a publication by the Swiss Security Investigation Service (SESE). On a video, we see the aircraft swing suddenly to the left, the pilots brake, the tires smoke and the Airbus stabilizes on the runway.

THE SESE is the federal authority responsible for investigating accidents and incidents in the fields of railways, civil aviation, inland waterways and seagoing vessels.

106 passengers on board

On its website, the organization provided some details on the incident. “During its take-off run, shortly before reaching decision speed V1, the aircraft deviated significantly from the center line of the runway to the left.”

According to specialists, beyond this V1 speed, a pilot is obliged to take off whatever happens because it would no longer be possible to stop the plane within safety limits.

The takeoff of the Airbus A320 was interrupted. With 106 passengers on board and seven crew members, the plane was destined for Faro airport, Portugal.

The SESE has opened an investigation. For the moment, his information note contains only a brief and provisional overview of the course of the serious incident, without any claim to exhaustiveness. But ultimately, the investigation will have to determine the direct causes as well as the risks linked to this incident.


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