Victorinox is working on Swiss army knife models… without blade –

Victorinox is working on Swiss army knife models… without blade –
Victorinox is working on Swiss army knife models… without blade –

The Swiss producer is working on several versions of the emblematic pocket knife without a blade. The boss says he is “concerned about the increase in regulation” around the world.

“In certain markets, the blade is associated with an image of a weapon,” noted Carl Elsener, director of Victorinox, in an interview published by Blick on Monday.

Thus in Great Britain and in certain Asian countries, only people who need it for their work or for activities in nature can still carry a knife with them. In cities, the carrying of pocket knives is strongly restricted.

In fact, the manufacturer already sells certain models without blades, particularly for air travelers (see photo). In the EU and Switzerland, knives with a blade longer than 6 centimeters are in fact prohibited in cabin baggage.

The big boss reveals that he also has in mind developing “a tool for cyclists” and recalls that a “tool specially designed for golfers” is already on the market.

Blow to the sector

This is not the first time that the company has faced tougher regulations. After the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, sales of pocket knives fell by more than 30% overnight. “September 11 painfully showed us that we should not depend on a single sector of activity,” admitted the boss of the white cross brand.

More expensive than other producers

The company exports 80% of pocket knives, kitchen knives, professional knives and watches made in Switzerland. The rest is sold domestically.

To compensate for the strength of the franc, Victorinox will have to continue to automate and rationalize in the future, underlines its boss.

Furthermore, the price of its pocket knives has increased by 9%, adds Carl Elsener. The Swiss manufacturer’s professional knives are 25% more expensive than those of other producers. In this area, the company must face German or American competitors, he added.

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