Long mocked because of her vitiligo, Estelle took the most beautiful revenge

Long mocked because of her vitiligo, Estelle took the most beautiful revenge
Long mocked because of her vitiligo, Estelle took the most beautiful revenge

While the reign of Eva Gilles is not yet over, the members of the Miss France committee have already set off to travel the roads of France in order to find the new beauty queen who will succeed the pretty brunette. If all the contenders for the title of Miss France 2025 are not yet known, certain ex-candidates have left their mark on the famous competition forever. And this, even if they did not win the scarf.

One of them is called Estelle Mendy. Her name may not mean anything to you… However, this former candidate for the crown of Miss Normandy last year is the first candidate in the competition to be affected by vitiligo. This disease, which is characterized in particular by depigmentation of the skin, affects only 1 to 2% of the world population. On the occasion of the world day of this autoimmune pathology which will take place on June 25, the latter spoke about her atypical journey withFeminine.

Despite her vitiligo, Estelle Mendy achieved the greatest feat

The least we can say is that Estelle Mendy is not afraid. Indeed, if some people fear the gaze of others, this one has chosen to make their difference a strength. Like around 1 million people in France, the young woman in her thirties suffers from vitiligo. Although this skin disease is often a source of stigma, the young woman decided not to let herself be defined by it. Rather, she embraced her unique appearance and turned it into a true trademark. “Vitiligo has become my strength, my daily fight. Through my social media, I want to show self-acceptance. »she said in front of the camerasFeminine few months ago.

Married and mother of two little girls, Estelle Mendy wanted to make her dream come true despite her pathology. It is with this in mind that in 2023, she entered the Miss Normandy 2024 competition. ” My dream ? Represent you. Represent our Normandy, apply its values ​​in all its forms. », she indicated on her Instagram account. And ultimately this experience turned out to be positive for the candidate… The latter had won the sash of 4th runner-up in the regional election.

Estelle Mendy, harassed for many years because of her vitiligo

A very nice victory for Estelle Mendy. And for good reason… The path to self-acceptance was not easy for the young woman. From a very young age, she was
victim of mockery and harassment because of their appearance. “At that time we didn’t really know what it was. […] At school, I received a lot of criticism, I took it badly, because I was not immediately referred to a psychologist. But I received unwavering support from my family and friends. »she declared to our colleagues in an Aufeminin Chit Chat Make Up capsule.

Since then, the years have passed and Estelle Mendy has bounced back well. Like her model Winnie Harlow, who also suffers from vitiligo, the beauty queen decided to transform her atypical appearance into an asset. Today, the latter joined the French modeling agency Sarah M, and poses in front of the lens of different brands.

Vitiligo, a skin disease that is becoming more popular thanks to the speaking of stars

Vitiligo does not only affect anonymous people but also public figures. One of the first notable figures affected by this depigmentation of the skin, and who left an indelible mark, was Michael Jackson. Over the decades, her evolving appearance has been scrutinized by the public and the media, sometimes causing controversy.

photo credit: LightField Studios / Shutterstock Person with vitiligo

In France, another personality, this time a politician, is also attracting all eyes. The former Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, announced some time ago that he suffered from this disease. But not only. The 53-year-old also suffers from alopecia. “I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, […] because there are lots of people, when they see me, who wonder if it might not be a very serious illness. It’s not serious, it’s not painful, it’s like that. »he indicated on the air of TF1 in the program Seven to Eight.



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