What the scandal Karima Chami, the Algerian “Inventing Anna” and false granddaughter of Emir Abd el-Kader, says about the identity crisis of “new Algeria”

What the scandal Karima Chami, the Algerian “Inventing Anna” and false granddaughter of Emir Abd el-Kader, says about the identity crisis of “new Algeria”
What the scandal Karima Chami, the Algerian “Inventing Anna” and false granddaughter of Emir Abd el-Kader, says about the identity crisis of “new Algeria”

She scoured all the neighbor’s television sets, toured the Algerian chancelleries, made her fortune by accumulating real estate in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Algiers. All, in the name of Emir Abd el-Kader, unwilling icon of the new Algeria, whose lineage she claimed. She is Karima Chami, a young Syrian-Algerian lady born in Algiers, but having lived mainly in Syria, Lebanon and the United States, established almost overnight as the granddaughter of the figure of the struggle – subject to questions – against French Algeria. A true star of the screens and other social evenings, Karima Chami will have seen everything about the new Algeria, known, sometimes a little too much, its “big” figures. The physique and the Syrian accent helped a lot.

Except that Karima Chami is a complete scam. Her story has nothing to envy of that of Anna Delvey, the young Russian woman who will succeed in defrauding several hundred thousand dollars from young high society New Yorkers, immortalized in the series Netflix “Inventing Anna.” In the same way, Karima Chami, and according to her own confession, managed to rise to the top.

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Still in the United States, in Houston, she first approached Algerian diplomatic circles and seduced a certain Aref Mchakra, one of the star YouTubers of the Algiers regime, then a certain Oussama Wahid, alias Lakhdar Cherrit, a journalist of the seraglio which placed her in the circles that count. The money followed. To climb, “her Highness” does not hesitate to bribe, first the Emir Khaled El Djezairi, grandson of the Emir Abd el-Kader, lurking in the city of London, to whom she offers 5,000 dollars in exchange of her recognition as a direct descendant of Emir Abd el-Kader. Cheap, right?

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Paid even less, some $1,500, Aref Mchakra plays the tout in Algiers. Many officials fell into the trap, as was the case of El Hadi Ould Ali, former Minister of Sport, who obtained an apartment in an upscale district of the capital.

“Her Highness the Princess, Dr. Karima Chami – who has no diploma” is at all parties and all shows, from politics to culinary to the art of etiquette. Excerpts:

She even achieved the feat of becoming president of the International Bureau of the Academy of Algerian Civil Society in the United States. Find out what it is exactly. She is also active in collecting donations and is promised the post of Minister of Culture. Lack of luck, it has no academic legitimacy.

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It was necessary for the president of the Emir Abd el-Kader Foundation to accuse him of scam and for credible YouTubers like Oualid Kébir, based in Oujda, to make revelations for the scandal to break out, to the great dismay of the Algerian covers which everything done to protect their goose that lays the golden eggs. To find out more, Oualid Kébir also invited an ex-husband of the “princess” to speak.

A scandal whose last episode was a video shared by the person concerned and in which she made shattering confessions, citing both her maneuvers and her accomplices. It is noted that if the art of throwing it and expressing oneself in public is there, it is thanks to his mentor, the same Lakhdar Cherrit.

The affair has not finished revealing its secrets, big and small, but one thing is certain: it says a lot about the desperate and relentless quest pursued by the Algiers regime. That of constructing a story, a History. Whether it is totally invented, false and even dirty, it doesn’t matter! Clinging to a person with a troubled past and passing them off as a “Highness” is symptomatic of a real psychosis. That of a State which is not one, and of a system which, sixty years after independence, cannot find its own identity.

Enough to prove President Macron right. On September 30, 2021, the newspaper The world made public remarks made by Emmanuel Macron, during a lunch at the Élysée in honor of eighteen young people, from families who experienced the Algerian war. That day, the French president stated without prevarication, among other hard truths for the Algerian government, that “the construction of Algeria as a nation is a phenomenon to watch. Was there an Algerian nation before French colonization? That’s the question“. Words which recall those dating from September 16, 1959, when Algeria was still a French colony, by General de Gaulle. In a televised speech, the latter will make remarks that are even more precise and assertive than those of his distant successor.

Because, since the world has been the world, there has never been unity, nor, even more so, Algerian sovereignty. Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Syrian Arabs, Arabs of Cordoba, Turks, French have in turn penetrated the country, without there having been, at any time, in any form, an Algerian state», asserts with confidence the scholar Charles de Gaulle, then President of the French Republic. Since then, the Algiers regime has always been searching for itself. Without finding yourself. To the great happiness of all Karima Chami, from all sides.



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