At what age are we considered old?

Obviously everything is often relative: 15 year olds already consider that 30 is old. Those aged 30 put things into perspective by telling themselves that before the age of 60, everything is fine. However, thanks to the increase in life expectancy, being “old” happens later than one might think. We’ll explain!

When are we really “old” today?

A study conducted by American Psychology surveyed more than 14,000 people in Germany, born between 1911 and 1974, to find out their perception of old age.

Participants born in 1911 considered a person to be old at the age of 71 when they were 65, those born in 1956 set the start of old age at 74 years.


We can therefore think that as time goes by, the onset of old age will recede further in our eyes. With advances in science and medicine, we are living longer and healthier lives.

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