In , an imam appeals against his expulsion to Algeria

In , an imam appeals against his expulsion to Algeria
In France, an imam appeals against his expulsion to Algeria

16:10 – May 8, 2024

An imam from , in the southwest of , expelled in April to Algeria for having uttered hateful remarks against Jews in a sermon, appealed Tuesday against his expulsion before the Council of State, his authorities announced. lawyer at AFP.

Sentenced in 2022 to four months of suspended imprisonment for this preaching, the imam of the Great Mosque of Toulouse, Mohamad Tataïat, was arrested at his home on April 19, with authorization from the judge of freedoms and detention, then forced out.

A first appeal from his lawyers, denouncing an expeditious expulsion and not taking into account his exemplary behavior since the criticized sermon, delivered in 2017, was rejected four days later by the administrative court.

In its order, the court considered “that the remarks he made constituted an explicit and deliberate provocation to discrimination, hatred and violence against a group of people – in this case, the Jews -, and amounted to a particular resonance and gravity since the attack of October 7, 2023 carried out by against . However, his lawyer Vincent Brengarth underlined on Tuesday, “the expulsion commission had issued a negative opinion on his expulsion and he was expelled suddenly, without us being able to exercise an effective remedy”. “We expect the Council of State to sanction these illegalities and the attack on the private life of our client,” he added to AFP, noting that his client had “been able to continue his preaching since the acts for which he was convicted.”

Gérald Darmanin, who had signed the expulsion order, was satisfied on by justice.” Arriving in France in 1985, Mohamed Tataïat moved to Toulouse two years later to work at the mosque in the Empalot district.

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