Russia threatens to strike UK military targets in Ukraine ‘and beyond’

Russia threatens to strike UK military targets in Ukraine ‘and beyond’
Russia threatens to strike UK military targets in Ukraine ‘and beyond’

LRussia threatened on Monday to strike British military installations and equipment in Ukraine “and beyond” if kyiv struck on Russian territory with weapons supplied by London, after summoning the British and French ambassadors.

The spokesperson for Russian diplomacy published videos on Telegram of the successive arrivals of the two ambassadors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicating that they had been summoned.

In a statement, Russian diplomacy indicated that British Ambassador Nigel Casey had been there after statements by British Foreign Minister David Cameron “on Ukraine’s right to strike Russian territory with aid of British arms.

“NOT. “Casey has been warned that any British military installation or equipment in Ukraine and beyond its borders could be targeted in response to Ukrainian strikes with British weapons on Russian territory,” the Russian ministry said in a statement. this press release.

According to Russian diplomacy, David Cameron’s remarks “directly contradict the assurances given by the British side during the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine”, according to which they would not be used against “Russian territory”.

Nuclear exercises

Nigel Casey was “invited to reflect on the catastrophic consequences of the hostile measures taken by London” and to disavow David Cameron’s statements, Russian diplomacy added in this press release.

No comment was immediately made on the summons of the French ambassador to Moscow, Pierre Lévy, nor on the causes of this summons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also ordered the upcoming holding of nuclear exercises in response to comments by Western leaders, including his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, concerning the possible sending of NATO soldiers to Ukraine, according to the Kremlin.

The Russian Defense Ministry assured that this was in response to “threats” made by Western leaders against Russia.

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