The far right, cradle of hatred

At a time when the far right is once again becoming commonplace throughout Europe, where certain democratic parties are adopting their positions, Simon Gronowski brandishes his past as a safeguard.

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Béatrice Delvaux

Chief Editorialist

By Béatrice Delvaux

Published on 4/05/2024 at 7:10 p.m.
Reading time: 2 min

IWe must fight the extreme right, because the extreme right is the cradle of racism, Nazism, fascism and anti-Semitism. The far right is the cradle of hatred. » These words are spoken by Simon Gronowski. Not 81 years ago, when at age 11 and a half, he escaped deportation to Auschwitz. Not 79 years ago, when he learned that his mother and sister had been gassed upon arrival at the death camp. And not 22 years ago when he wrote his book, The child of 20e convoy.

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