this upheaval in the life of Elli (Sabrina Ouazani) which will occur in tonight’s episode

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Thomas Fourcroy

On Tuesday July 2 at 9:10 p.m., France 3 will rebroadcast an episode of Please investigate. A rather special part, not to be missed…

Accustomed to declining the detective genre into a host of series, the France Télévisions group has done well with Please investigate. A fiction led by a particular duo, formed by an atheist police captain, Elli Taleb (Sabrina Ouazani) and a future Cistercian monk, Clément (Mathieu Spinosi). A couple of investigators like no other, enough to offer us some great intrigues… This will be the case today with the rebroadcast of episode 5, Good food and bad bloodthe penultimate in the series which ended in July 2023. An episode synonymous with the arrival of a new character.

The arrival of a new character in Please investigate

Directed by Laurence Katrian, this episode will take us on a strange adventure. Indeed, while Clément tries hard to find out the identity of his parents, Elli will see her life turned upside down… Investigating the murder of a second chef whose body was found floating in a restaurant swimming pool, she will have an encounter she did not expect. Discovering that the victim was poisoned, she will set out on the trail of the two sisters who own the establishment, but also on that of Antoine, an investor who is above all her childhood sweetheart! A newcomer who will annoy her confidant, Clément…

Clement, a man of faith who became jealous?

Played by Ruby Schinasi, this character will add some spice to the series. An arrival dissected in the columns of Tele-Leisure by a Mathieu Spinosi ravi : “There is inevitably a little conflict between the two. When they talk, it remains with a smile, they don’t show anything. Antoine tries to find out a little more about Clément, about what he thinks of Elli… But their relationship is really passive-aggressive. It was fun to do, especially since Clément is not supposed to behave like that. He is a man of faith and he is not supposed to have such feelings, towards Antoine or towards Elli.” A little game between two characters that was not necessarily “written like this in the script”but which the two actors chose to deploy, as Mathieu Spinosi clarified: “It was fun to love to hate Antoine! Especially since I know well and love his interpreter, Ruby Schinasi.”



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