Hortense is Maybe Pregnant, and Stanislas and Laetitia Reconcile (Episode 962 Preview + Video)

Hortense is Maybe Pregnant, and Stanislas and Laetitia Reconcile (Episode 962 Preview + Video)
Hortense is Maybe Pregnant, and Stanislas and Laetitia Reconcile (Episode 962 Preview + Video)

“Here Everything Begins” in advance with the detailed and complete summary of episode 962 from Friday July 5, 2024 – In this new episode of ITC which will be broadcast Friday on TF1, Paul’s guests are watched by a mysterious individual, while a couple reforms at the Auguste Armand Institute.

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“Here It All Begins” Summary in advance of the episode of July 5, 2024

Is Hortense pregnant?

Malik finds Maya at the Auguste Armand Institute park. They are afraid that their mistake regarding the two gender reveal cakes will be discovered by the customers. Suddenly, Hortense joins them to announce that the customers want to see her urgently. She asks her two young employees if the preparation of the cakes went well, but they continue to hide the truth from her.

Later, Malik and Maya find Hortense and Mehdi in the kitchen. They are forced to admit to having made a mistake in the color of the cakes when wrapping the desserts. But against all odds, the two leaders already knew. So they were a test. Malik and Maya think they are fired, but Hortense agrees to keep them in her brigade, on the condition that they no longer lie to her.

At the end of the day, Hortense meets Vic and Léonard for a drink. She takes the opportunity to inform her little sister of her late period. Hortense feels totally lost and doesn’t know if she should talk to Mehdi about it. Above all, she doesn’t want to give him false hopes. Vic advises him to confess the truth. Is the young woman really pregnant?

Stanislas and Laetitia reconcile

Shortly before lunch service, Stanislas finds Laetitia to apologize to her. He regrets not having believed him about Maïa’s infidelity. But Kelly’s mother is extremely angry with him and refuses to listen to him. A few minutes later, Laetitia returned to the room. Stanislas is very surprised to see her here, because she had decided to no longer work alongside him. The classroom teacher asks her what made her change her mind and she responds straight away: “There is no reason I should give up for you.”then adds: “From now on, our relationship will be purely professional.”

At the end of the service, Stanislas finds Laetitia in the Double A reserve. But to his great surprise, he notices that she has started to address him formally again. For Stanislas, this is too much. He decides to tell her what is on his mind and announces in particular his break-up with his wife: “I realized that if I stayed with Maia, it was only to see you (…) I fell in love with someone else. I love you Laetitia”. Moved by his words, Laetitia kisses him.

Paul’s neighbor is arrested

At the villa, Paul was very lucky. And for good reason, the scarecrow’s fire only caused him a burn on his forearm. The police are there to try to understand what could have happened. Paul explains to them that he is convinced that the culprit is none other than his neighbor. Once the police have left, Rose gives Paul back his wife’s diary. She apologizes for thinking he wanted to attack her. Paul promises to never hurt her, then they kiss. Later, Rose and Carla meet on the beach for a little mother-daughter walk. Rose informs Carla that she believes in Paul’s innocence. The two women seem closer than ever.

At lunchtime, Paul decides to celebrate his neighbor’s arrest. To do this, he takes out the champagne and organizes a new pool party. Souleymane takes the opportunity to help Cléo prepare the table. He invites her to participate in the small party with all the guests, but the young woman informs him that her parents do not like her to mix. She therefore arranges to meet him in a clearing, out of sight of others. A few minutes later, the young woman found Souleymane in this little corner of greenery. She tells him that she made her parents believe that she had gone to take a nap. But that’s not all, because to leave the villa, she had to climb through her bedroom window. After these unexpected revelations, she kisses the young man.

At the villa, the party is in full swing. Jasmine takes advantage of this moment of conviviality to ask Rose what is happening in her novel after the incident in the swimming pool and the scarecrow. Rose seems embarrassed by this question, but agrees to answer it. She said hesitantly: “The man starts killing everyone and in the end the heroine dies.” At the same time, we discover an individual spying on all the guests with binoculars and more particularly on Jasmine. Who is it?

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