Is Karim Rayane’s father? This crazy theory that ignites fans on the Internet

Is Karim Rayane’s father? This crazy theory that ignites fans on the Internet
Is Karim Rayane’s father? This crazy theory that ignites fans on the Internet

Secrets are required in Tomorrow belongs to us. Without warning Rayane, Karim hides the letter sent to him by his deceased father. What is Karim hiding? Fans of the series have their own idea!

The last few weeks, in Tomorrow belongs to us, were a long descent into hell for Rayane (Sasha Birdy) who narrowly escaped prison. To recover a letter from his father, the teenager fell into illegality by delivering amphetamines on behalf of a dangerous dealer. His behavior creates tensions within his relationship with Jack (Dimitri Fouque). When the latter’s life is threatened, Rayane, rather than confessing her secret, prefers to break up with him. Unceremoniously… As for Karim (Samy Gharbi), to protect his nephew, he goes very far. In fact, the police officer crossed the red line by hiding a seal. Suspended, he gives his weapon and his badge to Martin (Franck Monsigny). Why did Karim take such risks for Rayane? Above all, why did he collect the letter intended for Rayane?

Tomorrow belongs to us: Why did Karim hide the letter from Rayane’s father? What secret is he hiding?

Rayane will be angry that Karim is potentially risking his job because of him. He never wanted this. The only thing he wants is the answers his father could have given him before he died, not for someone else to pay for him” Sasha Birdy told Allociné. What the teenager doesn’t know is that Karim lied to him. Contrary to what Sasha thinks, his father did write him a letter but Karim hid it. “He absolutely wants to recover a letter from his father, who is dead, in which he reveals very intimate and very important things to him..”, confided Samy Gharbi, the interpreter of Karim, in the columns of Télé Poche about the character of Rayane, “It’s not just Karim that this will shock (laughs). I think everyone is going to be shocked and stunned because no one expected it.”

Tomorrow belongs to us : What if Karim was Rayane’s real father? Fans of the series share their theory

It didn’t take much for fans of the series to develop a theory about Karim. What if the policeman was in reality Rayane’s real father ? And this information would be revealed in the famous letter. This is the theory of several fans. “#Tomorrowbelongs how much do we bet that #rayane is #karim’s son? Lol” writes Emma @mathouuuuuuuu89 on X (formerly Twitter), adding, “I said in January 2023 that Rayane was Karim’s son -


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