“I was a little disappointed with all his lies”: Léo returns to Maxence’s behavior in Secret Story

“I was a little disappointed with all his lies”: Léo returns to Maxence’s behavior in Secret Story
“I was a little disappointed with all his lies”: Léo returns to Maxence’s behavior in Secret Story

What made you want to participate in Secret Story?

The concept of defending a secret, the game and the acting that results from it are particularly exciting and I was not disappointed. We had a blast with Lou for three weeks defending our secret. Plus, it’s an iconic show that I watched when I was little and I never thought I’d participate in it one day.

Were you afraid of the reality TV aspect?

Honestly yes, but the production reassured me a lot by telling me that the game side would be much more emphasized. Afterwards, it was up to me to behave correctly. And then, I was really lifted up by all the residents. We weren’t in the clichés this year and it was really good. There was a diversity of profiles which made the casting rich.

How did you react when you realized you were going to have to share your secret with Lou?

So excited about this challenge! Although Lou and I look alike, there are a lot of differences, like his accent for example, so I told myself that it was going to be complicated to defend. But on the contrary, we succeeded in turning their brains around.

How did you experience this final and this score of 7%?

We suspected an Alexis-Lou duel, so I just wanted to enjoy the moment because I knew I wasn’t going to win. Even in the house, we felt it a little, although we had no contact with the outside world.

You formed a clan of 4 with Lou, Maxence, and Perrine. Don’t you feel like you faded away when there was this love triangle?

On the contrary, I was a bit of a mediator because they sometimes needed an impartial opinion. All four of us had “our role” in that. I didn’t have the easiest role, but far from the most difficult either.

You said you were particularly disappointed with Maxence. Where are you in your feelings towards him?

I was a little disappointed by all his lies and I only realized it at the end, so it broke a little the bond of trust I had with him in this adventure. But he was a friend in Secret and he will remain a friend outside.

Do you think that the story between Maxence, Perrine, and Lou could have harmed your quartet?

Between Perrine and Lou, there were tensions, but also between Maxence and the girls, so it weakened the balance of our group a little… It wasn’t easy for any of us.

What secret has surprised you the most this season?

Kelyan’s. I see myself at 8 years old watching all the Harry Potter, I was a big fan. I was shocked !

Wasn’t being locked up in the House of Secrets too difficult?

That’s what scared me the most, because I’m a real free spirit and I like feeling free to move around. But in the end, I had a pretty good time because we had a big house with a big garden. And then, we built such strong relationships that I didn’t want to go out at any time.

How did you experience this last day on the show?

With great excitement, I couldn’t wait to reunite with my loved ones and go to the set! I felt quite a bit of nostalgia over the last few days, but we were all looking forward to this finale.

Would you be up for trying a Secret Story All Stars?

With great pleasure ! This adventure is so incredible that I wouldn’t hesitate for a single second to do it again!



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