More beautiful life: “Boher is completely distraught in the face of the drama that Lucie is experiencing”… Stéphane Hénon confides – News Series

More beautiful life: “Boher is completely distraught in the face of the drama that Lucie is experiencing”… Stéphane Hénon confides – News Series
More beautiful life: “Boher is completely distraught in the face of the drama that Lucie is experiencing”… Stéphane Hénon confides – News Series

For several days in “More beautiful life, even more beautiful”, Jean-Paul Boher has had to deal with the discomfort of his daughter Lucie, who has been harassed. AlloCiné met Stéphane Hénon to discuss this strong plot.

It has now been several episodes in Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle, that Jean-Paul Boher’s character has been in turmoil. His daughter, Lucie, who is the victim of harassment, threatened her tormentor with a kitchen knife.

A desperate act which had serious consequences since the sister of the young harasser decided to file a complaint with the police. And despite conciliatory efforts, Boher did not succeed in convincing the young woman to retract.

At the end of this Thursday, June 13’s episode, Lucie puts herself in danger and attempts suicide. An event that will strongly impact Boher.

On the occasion of the broadcast of this episode, AlloCiné spoke with Stéphane Hénon to discuss this strong plot which will have a strong impact on the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle.

AlloCiné: The current intrigue helped explain Abdel’s disappearance. How did you react when reading the scripts? And did you like the way the subject was handled?

Stéphane Hénon : I find that the subject was approached with a lot of respect. I can’t necessarily speak of lightness because from the moment we approach this subject, we can’t be light, but it was very well done.

The authors have shown sensitivity and respect in discussing this drama. We are always afraid of mixing fiction and reality and it is always complicated to deal with this kind of subject. But it was really well done, with a lot of delicacy.

In addition to the investigation into the collapse of the mistral, your character is at the heart of a plot about harassment with the character of Lucie, his daughter. What did you think of the treatment of this subject which is thorny and which is more than ever at the heart of the news?

I think it’s very well handled. Additionally, there is a connection between the two stories. For him, who is a cop, it’s always complicated to be hit hard by this story. He tries to understand his daughter but he must also respect the law. It’s difficult but he’ll get through it as usual. He’s going to get help, and he’s going to get through this.

Precisely, we feel that Boher blames himself for not being able to help Lucie, for not having seen what was happening and for not having succeeded in protecting her…

This is always the problem of parents who are always the last to notice that their children are experiencing tragedies. And they also suffer from not being in the children’s place. We would like to be in the place of the people we love when they experience this kind of drama.

And there, he can’t. He doesn’t know how to help his daughter. He is completely helpless in the face of the drama she is experiencing. In addition, he realizes that Lucie will react, but not in the best way.

Will this have consequences on their relationship? Is he going to become a little overprotective of Lucie in the future?

He is already very protective of his children, like all parents. I don’t know if you can really be too protective of your children. He will try to protect her as much as possible from what she is going through.

And above all he will try to put himself in her place and try to understand her reactions. He will try to understand why she took a knife and threatened her harasser. His reaction is still quite surprising. Seeing his daughter in such a state, and seeing her look and the violence within her, Boher must have had difficulty understanding.

In a previous episode, Jean-Paul said to Lucie: “What makes bullies powerful is the silence of their victims”. This is an important message to send on this subject. Do you have the hope that this plot will allow people to dare to speak out?

Yes, I think this plot could shake things up. This is what Plus belle la vie does: convey messages, without it being moralistic. In this kind of situation, you have to speak up because it’s true that it gives the harassers all the power to continue.

To stop this, we have to talk about it and we have to denounce it. You need to talk about it at school or with your loved ones. I think it’s very important and the plot was very well written. Wait until you see the end… And then the bridges between the two plots are really very well done.

In this Thursday, June 13 episode, Lucie will feel guilty about what is happening and she will put herself in danger. We imagine that she will get through it. How will Boher react?

Yes, we have no plans to part with Agathe Dodemant, we like her (laughter). He will be completely distraught to see that his daughter is capable of such a harsh and terrible act. And this is something that can happen in real life.

Unfortunately, we have seen proof of this again this year where children are taking action. It’s terrible. He will do everything to get his daughter out of this impasse. He is going to have explanations with her.

I think that, often, when we are harassed like that, we believe that it is our fault, that we let things happen. He will make her understand that she is not responsible for all of this, and that there are people who are harmful to others. He’s going to tell her that she’s not the one responsible.



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