The real “Martha” from the popular series Baby Reindeer completely denies the events

The real “Martha” from the popular series Baby Reindeer completely denies the events
The real “Martha” from the popular series Baby Reindeer completely denies the events

The recent Netflix series Baby ReindeerOr My little reindeer in French, could become one of the most popular productions in the entire history of the platform. Being an autobiographical series, the woman on whom the character of Martha is based has stated in interviews that everything about her character is fictitious.

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It’s on the microphone of the show Piers Morgan that Fiona Harveyon whom the character Martha is based, went to deny the events from which her character would be inspired.

If you haven’t yet seen the 7-episode series, created by Scotsman Richard Gadd, here is the synopsis: He plays Donny Dunn, a character inspired by himself, a bartender who tries to become a comedian, whose meeting with a lawyer twenty years older will shake up his life (and his security). She will develop an obsession with him, and we will experience and relive some painful events in his life which led him to let this situation calmly settle in without reporting.

Yesterday, Netflix’s policy chief said the project’s production took “every reasonable precaution to disguise the true identities of the characters involved in the story.”

People on the web have still managed to trace the real “Martha”, among other things by the way she writes on her social platforms.

When host Piers Morgan today asked Fiona Harvey if she had seen the series, she said no, ‘not at all’: ‘I’ve only heard about the court scene, the prison sentences and these kinds of scenes,” she said.

According to her, the only true facts are that the actor’s name “is Richard Gadd, that he worked as a bartender, and (that they) met 2 or 3 times.” The series would therefore be, according to her, “a work of fiction, a hyperbole.”

She denies any event related to Martha’s character: the 41,000 emails, the 350 hours of voice messages, the lawsuits and the physical and psychological harassment – among other things – would be lies and “defamation”.

She admitted to calling Richard Gadd “Baby Reindeer” – the name that inspired the series – in reference to a toy from her childhood. Besides this, she declares that its author is “psychotic”.

See his full interview here.

For the moment, neither Netflix nor Richard Gadd have reacted to its public release.




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