After Peter Falk’s death, his widow and daughter were torn apart over the inheritance

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Thomas Fourcroy

Like every Saturday, TMC is rebroadcasting an episode of Columbo. A series starring a cult actor, Peter Falk, whose death shook his loved ones…

Hit series, Columbo made Peter Falk a cult actor. Passed by The great race around the world and many feature films, it was in the costume of this funny inspector that he revealed himself to the general public. A great adventure that ended in the 2000s with the first health concerns of a Peter Falk who died of pneumonia on June 23, 2011, at the age of 83. At the head of a fortune of 5 million dollars, he saw his widow and his daughter tear each other apart over the inheritance…

Peter Falk’s Legacy or the War Between a Daughter and Her Stepmother

Between Shera Danese, the actor’s last wife and Catherine Falk, the fruit of his story with Alyce Mayo, relations had not been on good terms for many years. Thus, the daughter of the Columbo actor wanted to free her father from Danese in 2008 by trying to place her under guardianship. According to her, Peter Falk, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, was under the influence of a wife “harmful”guilty of “frauds” as relayed by Gala : “Since my father married Shera thirty years ago, our relationship has become difficult. When we went to visit him at his home in Beverly Hills, Shera would regularly slam the door in our faces.” An action that failed, the Los Angeles Superior Court having ruled that his stepmother was still entitled to take care of his father, and therefore, to manage his accounts.

“It’s her fortune she wants, she doesn’t care about anything else”

The second act of their legal battle was played out after Peter Falk’s death. In turn, the two women took the floor to accuse the other of only thinking about the actor’s assets and not his memory. Shera Danese did not hold back when it came to talking about her daughter-in-law: “Catherine has been voluntarily estranged from my husband for years. They have never had a good relationship and it is his fortune she wants. She doesn’t care about anything else.” Their war ended with a court ruling in favor of Falk’s wife and not his daughter, arguing that it was she who cared for the artist when he was suffering from illness.



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