Why is her murderer a suspect in the Magalie Part case?

Why is her murderer a suspect in the Magalie Part case?
Why is her murderer a suspect in the Magalie Part case?

In April 2021, Samire Lymani becomes suspect number one in the murder of Aurélie Vaquier, his partner. This 38-year-old woman was found dead, buried under a concrete slab in the couple’s home. Although the man formally denies the facts, the versions he gives to investigators cast doubt.

Charged with aggravated murder, he is the center of attention. The mystery surrounding this man, about whom we know almost nothing, is deepening. Indeed, The police link his name to another criminal file : the case of Magali Part, a 19-year-old woman, found dead, beaten to death and burned, 20 years earlier in Haute-Savoie.

The press quickly made the connection with Samire Lymani. Like him, Magalie Part is originally from the country of Geix, in Ain. Moreover, At the time of the events, the suspect still lived in the regiona few kilometers from the victim’s home.

Disturbing coincidences

The disturbing elements do not stop there. A robot portrait of a manwho had been seen in the street with Magalie Part shortly before her murder, caused a stir. Indeed, the face released at the time shows astonishing resemblances to that of Samire Lymani.

The police make another connection: Samire is a smoker. This element could link him to a clue found at the scene of the young woman’s crime, a cigarette butt of a foreign brand. “It’s still incredible because these cigarettes are not on sale in France, they are on sale in Switzerland. However, Samire lived near the Swiss border and he had family in Switzerland,” said a journalist in Criminal investigations.

Despite numerous disturbing elements and DNA taken from the murder scene, Nothing has been found to establish any link between the death of Magalie Part and Samire Lymaniwho has since been convicted of the murder of his partner, Aurélie Vaquier, and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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