What is this ultra cardio machine that stars use to stay in shape?

What is this ultra cardio machine that stars use to stay in shape?
What is this ultra cardio machine that stars use to stay in shape?

Guess what LeBron James, Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Bezos and Lady Gaga have in common. Answer: They all use the famous VersaClimber machine. The American singer even admitted to ABC News that she “practices on this machine while singing”. This was particularly the case for his preparation for the Super Bowl in 2017.

Well known to celebrities and the general American public, the VersaClimber climbs a little slower in France. Marcia Segal, founder of the Snake and Twist fitness studios who decided to offer this machine in France, explains to 20 Minutes the whole point of this activity.

The principle of VersaClimber

In the era of social networks, many concepts are being created: immersive concepts, cardio on a trampoline or cycling in space… The VersaClimber may seem crazy and new but “the machine was created in 1981”, says Marcia Segal, so that it’s nothing new. As proof, Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa’s opponent, trains with him in the film “Rocky IV”!

And it’s no coincidence that boxers or basketball players (like LeBron James) use it, “it’s a machine known for burning a maximum number of calories,” says the sports coach. “The VersaClimber is a vertical machine that mimics the movements of climbing. At a sustained pace, you can burn up to 600 calories in twenty minutes,” emphasizes the professional. We grant you, it’s really “huge”, but that’s on condition that you raise your knees well and practice your session intensely.

The VersaClimber, supporter of “no impact” cardio

With all the technologies that come to the gym, you will certainly wonder what the point of this umpteenth machine is.

Firstly, “the VersaClimber allows you to work the whole body, just like a climbing class,” says the boss of Snake and Twist studios. I promise, you’ll even feel your back.

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Then, “it’s more interesting than the bike or the treadmill because the VersaClimber is a high-intensity activity but without impact on the joints,” emphasizes Marcia Segal. For the high intensity aspect, no need to argue. If it’s in Ivan Drago’s sports program, everyone agrees. For the non-impact side, it is simply because the VersaClimber does not place pressure on the joints, so there is “no stress on the body”.

The final advantage is time. An hour of running vs twenty minutes of VersaClimber, the choice is quickly made. If you have little time to spare after a muscle strengthening session, you know where to turn to sweat.

VersaClimber classes are available in pairs with other classes in the Snake and Twist studios in Paris and Saint-Tropez at a price of 50 euros per session.



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