The AMEPI File celebrates its 20th anniversary and is being reorganized

The AMEPI File celebrates its 20th anniversary and is being reorganized
The AMEPI File celebrates its 20th anniversary and is being reorganized

Nearly 200 real estate agents celebrated the 20th anniversary of the AMEPI File during the Annual General Meeting, which was held in La Baule on June 18 and 19. This significant event allowed the president of the association, Cédric Lavaud, to present his new Alfa Teams app and its areas of development, in particular a restructuring of Alfas in order to optimize business sharing between members.

The AMEPI File, a bubble of comfort for real estate agents

« We want to make these two days a bubble of comfort in a very particular context », declared Cédric Lavaud at the opening of the event. He recalled that the AMEPI File promotes coopetition, that is to say cooperation between competitors. “ Today, in this room, you all understood that to achieve your goals, you must first help those around you achieve them. And this value is rare “, he stressed.

Cédric Lavaud highlighted the importance of cooperation in an ultra-competitive real estate market. Every month, the AMEPI File integrates new real estate agents who wish to develop their turnover. With more than 18,000 users divided into 210 Animation Lokale go Fitchier AMEPI (ALFA), the AMEPI File covers a large part of the French territory and brings together real estate professionals who have understood the need to cooperate to control their market and increase customer satisfaction. “ Alfas leaders use the AMEPI File to enter exclusive mandates“, he explained. This strategy not only strengthens their own activity, but also creates a collaborative ecosystem beneficial for all members.«

A necessary restructuring to better support real estate agents

Elected president in 2021, Cédric Lavaud undertook a complete overhaul of the tool. “ 3 years ago, you told me of your wish to reclaim the tool and we committed to responding. We have since carried out considerable work together by restructuring the headquarters and providing you with new services in order to develop with complete peace of mind. “, he recalled. However, despite this progress, Cédric Lavaud recognized that the development of the tool did not achieve the expected objectives, encouraging collective reflection to identify the obstacles and remedy them.

One of the main areas of development announced concerns the restructuring of Alfas (Local Activities of the AMEPI File). “ We have identified areas in which the AMEPI File was not represented at all to date », Specified its president, highlighting the regional disparities in the development of Alfas. “ Like a staircase, some have not yet taken the first step, while others have been developing for a long time and have already evolved their model ».

To remedy this, the association is introducing a classification of Alfas into five new categories, according to their level of development and involvement:

  • Bronze for inanimate Alfas
  • Silver for undersized Alfas
  • Gold for representative Alfas
  • Platinum for the leading Alfas

These categories will make it possible to offer tailor-made support to each Alfa. To do this, the roles of regional managers will be redefined: some will focus on animation, others on development, while the training and integration service will be centralized within headquarters.

Towards more sharing of exclusive mandates for more business

In conclusion, Cédric Lavaud reiterated the importance of cooperation and solidarity within the AMEPI File. “ The culture of the exclusive mandate sharing file among the real estate agent is not an innate skill, but an acquired skill “, he stressed. The association undertakes to explain and convince that the AMEPI File is an effective means of coopetition to achieve its individual objectives, increase its turnover and increase customer satisfaction.

The two days of the General Assembly were punctuated by moments of conviviality and workshops, allowing participants to recharge their batteries and leave with new ideas to boost their activity. This anniversary marks a turning point for the AMEPI File, symbolizing both two decades of success and a renewed commitment to innovation and solidarity.

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