Jean-Claude Raux in Bouvron: sharing the wealth

In the presence of the mayor of Bouvron, Emmanuel Van Brackel, Jean-Claude Raux gave a speech focused on the economic and financial priorities of the new Popular Front.

The candidate for re-election returned to the purchasing power shock promised by the left and environmentalists, with 25 billion euros for all French people. The new Popular Front is proposing from the summer to raise the minimum wage to €1,600 net per month, to increase the index point of civil servants by 10% and to convene a social conference to increase salaries.

“To those who tell us that the program of the New Popular Front is untenable, I answer that it is the situation in our country that is! »

Proud of this program, Jean-Claude Raux says: “We are the defenders of work that finally pays!” We are the defenders of a true sharing of wealth in favor of workers! The only ones who propose to eradicate poverty are us! “.

Defending the program of his adversaries, he continues: “Marine Le Pen blows on the embers of social anger, then votes against any increase in the minimum wage before returning to the family mansion. We must denounce this political scam. »

Jean-Claude Raux campaigning on the markets of Guémené-Penfao, Blain, Nozay,…

Attacks against the seriousness of an ambitious social program are not new and always clash with reality, whether at the time of the first paid holidays, the creation of the minimum wage or the move to 35 hours a week.

Jean-Claude Raux, reassuringly, reminds us that: “The program of the new Popular Front is entirely financed thanks to more tax justice, targeting the richest and multinationals, in particular through a climate ISF and a taxation of superprofits. For 90% of French people, for small and medium-sized businesses, we promise: no tax increase! »

Soothing, Jean-Claude listed the list of economists who support the common program: Julia Cagé, Michael Zemmour, Esther Duflo (Nobel Prize in economics). He pursues : “Even the liberals are taking back some of our measures! Jean Tirole is for taxation of inheritance, Jean Pisani-Ferry is for taxation of the richest. We are the most pragmatic, the majority and the far right have a program dictated by their ideological blinders. »

Questioned by a participant on the appointment of Jean-Luc Mélenchon as prime minister, Jean-Claude Raux was intractable: “In a political moment when everyone needs serenity, the Prime Minister will have to build consensus, be able to calm and unite. »



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