Tribute to the victims of the accident near Chartres, wolf attack at the Thoiry zoo… The essential news from June 17 to 23, 2024

White march in tribute to the seven victims of the accident, in Bailleau-le-Pin, near Chartres, reinforced health measures for the Strides of the Cathedral on June 29, wolf attack at the Thoiry zoo… If you have passed by next to the news, we rewind the week of June 17 to 23, in Eure-et-Loir and in the south of Yvelines.

Strides of the cathedral: reinforced health system for the 29th edition, in Chartres

Recognition of the Strides of the cathedral, in the streets of Chartres.

Due to work in the heart of the city, the 29th edition of the Strides of the Cathedral, which will be held on June 29, just like the Strides of Roses, will see a redesign of the route, in Chartres. But also several other health modifications.

Seven dead in a terrible collision between three cars in Bailleau-le-Pin, near Chartres

An accident between three cars occurred on Tuesday June 18, early in the evening, on the RD921, in Bailleau-le-Pin, near Chartres. Seven people died, including an 85-year-old man and an 80-year-old woman. The other five people who died, born between 2005 and 2007, were in a car that caught fire. Three of them were apprentices at CFA Interpro28 in Chartres. The accident also left two injured, transported to Chartres hospital in Coudray.

premium “They killed my parents”, testifies the daughter of the octogenarian couple, who died in an accident near Chartres

A white march was organized this Friday, June 21 in the evening, departing from Mainvilliers, to pay tribute to the seven victims in the Bailleau-le-Pin accident.

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The only suspect in the Bretoncelles feminicide found dead in his cell

The sole suspect in the murder of Magali Barbu, a 52-year-old woman, in January 2024, in Bretoncelles (Orne), was found dead in detention, in her cell.

A woman killed in Bretoncelles (Orne): the privileged trail of femicide

This Thursday, June 20, the Château de Chambord welcomed guests from Cosmetic Valley, the world leader in perfumes and cosmetics.

Grand celebration and celebration of the 30th anniversary of Cosmetic Valley at the Château de Chambord (Loir-et-Cher): the Chartres competitiveness cluster brought together big bosses, representatives of similar international sectors, elected officials from regional territories and professionals in the sector French perfumes and cosmetics. Five hundred guests celebrated made in France and French luxury.

premium For Marc-Antoine Jamet, its president, Cosmetic Valley, in thirty years, is “known, representative, useful and effective”

Electrical heating caused the fire in which a mother and her three children died, in October 2023, in Bretoncelles

f62c8b5297.jpgTribute following the fire in a house, in October 2023, in which a woman and her three children died, in Bretoncelles (Orne).

The conclusions of the investigation concerning the fire in a house, in October 2023, in which a woman and her three children died, in Bretoncelles (Orne) have been released. It is an electrical heating which is at the origin of the tragedy.

Bretoncelles fire: the mother called the firefighters before dying with her three children

General assembly of the Centre-Val de Loire League: Regional 1 increases to 14, FC Drouais drafted!

FC Drouais will still play in Regional 1 next season. Acted during the general assembly of the Centre-Val de Loire League, this Saturday, June 22, in Orléans, the expansion to 14 teams of the division allows the Eurelian club to escape and Dammarie to remain in Regional 3 .

How the crypt of Chartres Cathedral will emerge from the shadows on the occasion of its millennium9467548a75.jpg1000 years of the crypt of Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral – jubilee year 2024-2025

It is a place that has changed very little since its construction between 1020 and 1024. The crypt of Chartres Cathedral, designed by Bishop Fulbert, is celebrating its millennium this year. The diocese and the cathedral rectorate are preparing twelve months of celebrations, starting September 8, 2024, to mark this anniversary.

premium Millennium of the crypt of Chartres Cathedral: “When you enter, there is a kind of emotion that overwhelms you”, according to Stéphane Bern

A woman violently attacked by wolves at the Thoiry zoo (Yvelines)

A 37-year-old woman was seriously injured this Sunday June 23, 2024 after being bitten by wolves at the Thoiry safari zoo (Yvelines) in an area prohibited to pedestrians. Here’s what we know about the accident.

A look back at the music festival in Eure-et-Loir




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